Anyone tried tried the little Infinity Beta 10's??

Bought a pair of these a couple of months back. I've only played with em for maybe 48hours off and on, but am very very pleased with the sound for such an affordable speaker! For like $400 retail, they are about as good as I can ever remember hearing from a spaeker! They use the same drivers as the expensive MTS speakers, etc.
They are a tad foreward in pressence, which makes for great HT IMO. They do well with tubes and good SS as well.
Anyway, in a small/medium room, with music and HT, I simply couldn't be more pleased! They're ultra clear, dynamic, detailed, uncolored, and throw a huge sound in my setup at least!
I've sold just about every speaker in this price range over the years, having working in the biz in many high end stores. So far, I've yet to find any that best this speaker overall for this money. I definitely recommend them anyway.
Anyone else have any comments on these?
I too am in love with these - I heard them in all the places at a flea market. CD seller was playing this through an entry level surround sound system and they still sounded good! Liquid upscale sound. I was seduced - and now I am getting one.

Probably the technology trickled down from Infinity intermezzo line which sells for thousands with an amp built in.

Anyway, I am glad someone like you who has sold many speakers also like them - gives me reassurance before buying.

Hope I am as smitten with them afterwards.

I read from audioasylum that if you tweak them, you can get them tobe more transparent - if you are a DIY.