Anyone tried to get customer service from TALON??

Talon-New owner RIVES AUDIO-NO customer service!!!
I have a Talon Roc I purchased from an Audiogon member, it is still under warrenty. It developed a buzz after two months of use. I called Talon, now owned by Rives and told them the problem. I got a call from Katie saying they no longer dealt with the amp manufacturer but she would call me back. She didn't so I called a week later. Basically they weren't interested in my plight, even if if I paid for out of warrenty service. They did say, they could replace the amp for $1600!!!!! That is a "we don't don't care, but if you pay THIS-we will-price"!!!! Plate amps don't cost close to that retail, let alone wholesale. A call to Richard, the new owner, got me, "go buy a Crown amp for a $1000 and make a wood panel for the back"
BEWARE---it appears Rives do not want to support Talons existing products!!!
You already made your point in this thread on December 14, 2006.

Rives responded and stated their position in the earlier thread, as did other members of Audiogon.

Is this Groundhog Day?
Since my wife left me a year ago, every day has been Groundhog Day for me. Oh, if only I could wake up to tomorrow.
my computer and i messed up please ignore!!
I hadn't seen the original thread. Very enlightened discussion of a difficult situation. It is worth reading if you haven't seen it.
No problemo Robyatt,same thing happened to me last week,my computer ordered room service from Venus and I couldnt afford the delivery charge....
Interesting that you blame your computer. Perhaps the manufacturer of it will provide service to remedy this problem.
Venus...Groundhog Day...Computer warranty...
Too funny!!!
Laughing out loud, for real! Mouth open, sound coming out and everything
I had logged on to say bad things to Robyatt (I saw his post at work, but couldn't respond), now I'm grinning ear to ear. Another great thread!
Your computer read your mind and re-tpyed your issue in different words and reposted without your conscent? I'd get rid of the computer in a heart beat.

Actually, send it back to the now MIA manufacturer and tell them to fix it, as you are sure it is still under warranty, you were told so by the previous owner.

Try posting on AA, maybe there is someone there that hasn't heard your tragic story.
I proudly own Talon Firebirds which had diamond tweeters installed in my own home earlier this year by Mike Farnsworth (who drove several hours in a snowstorm). If, as we have been informed, Mike still has a behind the scenes role in Talon, the company should continue to make wonderful loudspeakers and provde competent support. I was thoroughly convinced that, for him, Talon Audio was a labor of love. Those of us who put our all into our professions or businesses can surely relate.
Maybe it really wasn't O.J. - and it was --- Robyatt's computer!
Yes, I contacted Rives Audio to get some of the large spikes this past week. Not only did they call me back but I just got a call today, Saturday, to make sure someone got back to me. They are preparig for the show and the holidays so after the 1st, expect them to serice your needs.

Happy Listeing to your Talons!
I've had 2 pairs of Talon speakers and Mike F has been to the house three times to install updates. He is still the chief design engineer for Talon and remains very active in the company. Richard provides a very positive business umbrella for the products and brings his own depth of knowledge into the design realm. I'd say that bodes very well for Talon as a speaker company, the servicing of the product, and the future of the collective enterprise.