Anyone tried the SOS Subwoofer Optimizer System

I purchased and SOS system yesterday from a local dealer in Mobile, AL who claimed the SOS would improve my bass response. He said that if I didn't like it, I could bring it back, so I took it home. I currently own a servo-15, but have been unable to integrate it into my system without it dominating everything. After a few minutes of calibrating my system, the SOS was inplace. All I can say is the dealer was right. My subwoofer sounds like a million dollars, bass is a whole lot tighter. I now have serious slam, without all the low end distortion. I wonder if anyone else has seen the same results from this thing.
How do you use it? Sounds like a good tool.

Yeah, what is it?
Hmmmmm. It's hereand it is basically an EQ to help flatten out bass response- little black box that goes in between preamp and sub input. It samples your room's sound with a detachable microphone and then determines an optimal EQ curve. Might have some merit if it works as advertised without causing problems of its own.
I don't know the tech details, but the unit runs a low frequency sweep that is measured by a microphone provided with the unit. It looks at your room response and applies and analog filter to flatten out any bass hump. The instruction tell you to place the unit between preamp/receiver and sub. Run the test tones and basically apply the filter. I found that by adjusting my crossover point on the sub 10hz higher than usual while setting up the unit gave me the best effect. You can get information on this thing from the following locations:,, email: My local dealer manager knows the guy who designed the unit and they are selling them there and also on the internet. The manager said he would be happy to answer any questons on the unit. His name is Andy, he can be reached at, (251) 602-1631 or (251) 680-6959.