Anyone tried the Shunyata Venom PC?

Any input/past experience? Intended use on digital source.

It's an inexpensive, very flexible alternative to a stock cable. Whether you'll hear a positive difference over stock is questionable. Shunyata's higher line VX cables are the best for digital sources (Taipan is an excellent choice) and I'm more confident you should hear a noticeable difference over what you have now.
You should hear a noticeable difference by going to any of the Shunyata cables from the stock cord, since it's a 4-6 gauge difference, even with the 'lower' line models. If you don't, then you've got an exceptionally well-designed component. I'm personally not a fan of any of their heavier gauge cables, VX or otherwise, for front-end gear, but YMMV.
I had Shunyata Diamondback cord on a digital source and then compared it to the Audience powerChord.
I highly recommend Audience powerChord for a digitial source(as a matter of fack, I now use the powerChord on all my components, digital or analog). Should be much smoother in the trebble and midrange with a way better bass than a Shunyata Venom. It will coste more though, but the improvement you'll get is worth it 100%.