Anyone tried the new miniDSP SHD as a Pre amp??????

Anyone here tried the new miniDSP SHD as a Pre amp?

It got analog & digital inputs.  Volume control.  4 outs to incorporate a Sub or 2.   Dirac room correction..
It does everything I want in a neat package.


Question is, has anyone heard it?   Does it stand up to “audiophile” standards?

Yes, I am using one and it is an excellent device. Don’t forget it has has Dirac for room correction as well. Using it in a 2.1 set. A great review showing various measurements is at Audio Science Review.

The DAC to is excellent as noted in the review.
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Ive been playing around with one and some open baffle speakers and subs.    I really wanted to get a wavelet, but for 1/4 the price could not pass this up.   Dac is good, might even say very good.   

apples to apples with my lp27 pre amp,its not audiophile, but its pretty clean for a digital type piece.
I'm looking at one of these units as well.

"apples to apples with my lp27 pre amp,its not audiophile, but its pretty clean for a digital type piece."

batman1971:   so it's not audiophile because it's digital?  I'm trying to understand your specific comment.  Is it a SQ issue?   

Thanks in advance for your clarification.  Much appreciated!   
I bought one and it's awesome! It takes some work to learn it but it's worth it. It has replaced my Ayre Kx5 MP for now. This thing does things no regular pre could ever do. If you have subs you will love it. Sold my JL crossover. This thing is an absolute bargain!
I have my eye on one of these too. I was originally looking at the Parasound P6 because it has bass management and would allow me to high pass my bookshelf speakers and cross them over to two custom made subs, but the Minidsp looks like a significantly better option with regards to crossovers.

It lacks the HT Bypass that I was excited about in the P6, which is a huge selling point for me because the HT Bypass works when the parasound is turned off and is therefore essentially family-proof.  I can always use the analog input on the Minidsp and choose a fixed volume setting when watching movies/tv, but I can definitely foresee future phone calls inquiring on why there is no sound on the tv.  

I was also excited about being able to adjust the subwoofer level right on the front of the Parasound, but I can live without that.  But again, I gotta ask if this Minidsp can be used as a legitimate preamp.  It looks as though it’s marketed that way, but am I better off going with the P6?  I guess it depends on if I want ease of use or room correction and full control over crossover and eq etc.