Anyone tried the new MAS Hybrid speaker cables ?

I know Stu has sold quite a few pairs of his new MAS Hybrid speaker cables and would like to get some feedback from users who have had them long enough to make it through the "break-in" period and sufficiently evaluate them. i also would like to read some comments about their new MAS Signature interconnects. I currently have the Signature interconnects in my system and so far, like them very much. I am probably going to try the hybrid speaker cables out since Stu offers a money-back guarantee, but I'd still like to read other user feedback first. Thanks.
Having used some of Stu's cable designs over the years, I was somewhat curious about the Hybrid Loudspeakers and decided since I had the option of returning them, then what did I have to loose. I have had them in my Quad basesd ESL63 system for about 3 weeks now as a replacement for my Transparent Reference cables and the thought of returning them has NEVER crossed my mind. These cables represent one of the real valus in audio. I have found that these cable are probably the most neutral of the cables that I have tried imparting no real sonic signature of their own, kind of like sunlight passing through the clouds without so much as disturbance. These cables have incredible transparency and speed and are totally unfatuiging to listen to like other silver speaker cables I have tried over the years.
If you think I like them you are correct, are they world class? Hard to say, I am only one set of ears, but at the price they slam anything I have listened to.
My next call is to Stu to order his new interconnect cable. If they are are anywhere near as good as the Hybrids, then its a slam dunk for me and my quest for Audio Nirvana will be one step closer to ending.