Anyone tried the new Kharma amps?

Im thinking of getting them to power my Kharma 3.2 CRMs. Anyone have experience using these amps?
Injona, I posted a thread that was titled, "a very interesting amp audtion" that was about the Kharma amps that your asking about. My friend actually replaced his $20,000.00 Lamm monoblocks with the Kharma Monoblock amps to power his Kharma speakers. My post will give you the details if you look it up in the archives. Hope this helps.
I have heard these only under show conditions on the Midi-Exquisites but, even then, they were quite good. Big sound from a very diminutive amp. These amps are VERY heavy for their size as well. They are NOT digital amps, are not "ice" amps and do not sound "digital" (actually they sounded very much like your better analog solid state amplifiers). From what I have been told by a friend who has much more experience than I do with them, they have a sonic signature akin to the Lamm M1.2 hybrids (though I will have to have that proven to me before I can attest to it). I am getting a pair in for audition with the next week or so and will report back if you are interested.
Wow, I didn't know that Kharma had entered the realm of amp production. Should be interesting--and expensive. I used to own a pair of the Midi Exquisites. Probably should've saved the money and gotten the 3.2s like you. They're by far the best value in the Kharma line. Before you get the amps, definitely look into the Ceramique subwoofer. If you have the room and budget, it really makes the 3.2s come alive.
I'm sorry to disagree,but I thought the Lamms were FAR superior to the "not great to my ears" Kharma amps!The Kharma amps,to me and my friend,who was with me,were flat and dynamically constricted,compared to the stunning Lamms.Just our opinions though!
thank you for your replies. The amps cost $6,800 and are 150 watts. anyone find them for cheaper. I also heard that kharma will have a 250w later next year. if they have sonic qualities equal to the Lamms then they are value for money. my other option is to purchase used Tenor 75wi but i heard there were problems esp now the manufacturer is out of business
while the Kharma amps generated some interest at the Montreal show, only you can decide if they equal Lamms or others. (??I doubt??) You will likely have to get to GTT Audio to audition them.

A working pair of Tenor 75wi could be heaven with the Kharma speakers, although you may find the bass backbone somewhat lacking (compared to the Tenor hybrids)/ A used pair likely will be $9+K and you will really have to ensure that they are in good order. I know when I was looking for amps, there were some Tenor OTLs on the used market with questionable service records.

While Tenor is closed, the principal engineers are now providing service in Montreal for these amps through the store: Coup de foudre: So you are not out of luck, if you want to go this route !As well, it has been suggested to me that other service departments can service the OTL's, aside from cdf, although you will have to research closely.

Personally, when I auditioned Kharma speakers, I preferred tubed or hybrid equipment instead of 100% SS equipment. On the other hand, I never heard the Dartzeel, Edge, Rowland, or Pass amps with Kharmas but I have read others highly recommend these with Kharma speakers on this site.
While my friend is currently getting rediculously good sound,on the 1.0's(believe me,"TUBIES"!)with a stunning Rowland 8t,I have always wondered why nobody has ever considered a lovely amp pair,like the Cary 805 anniversary edition!That should be heaven,on the 3.2's.
I used to own the Tenor 300 hybrids with my Kharma Midi Exquisites and ultimately switched to one DarTZeel NHB-108. While the Dart was faster, more refined, and more transparent, and just as musical as the tubed Tenor, I thought that the Tenors did a better job of controlling the speakers--not surprising, given their 300 watts. I was ultimately dissatisfied with the Kharmas, though, and wound up trading them for a pair of Von Schweikert VR-9s. I also added another Dart, and the result has been stunning to say the least.
I bought the Tenor 75Wi..sold them a week later. the tenors had NO BASS. I now own te Kharma amps..even though they are ye t to break in..they sound great.
During a demonstration of Kharma CRM-3.2FE at the Kharma factory in Breda - Netherlands i've listened to the prototype of the new "Enigma Amplifier". Great sound !

Price: appr. € 30K !

Regards Jan
ouch $50k....can they be 10x better than the matrix??
The name of the new Exquisite amplifier of Kharma will be:

Kharma Exquisite MP-350 Mono Poweramplifier.

Release date: november 2005

Regards Jan-Rotterdam

Some pictures of the new Kharma Exquisite amp.