Anyone tried the new issue Genalex Gold Lion KT88s

Saw an ad in the tubes section that claims theyre reverse engineered to sound as close to the vintage stuff. I dont believe everything I read but the prospect did sound nice. Has anyone tried them and care to corroborate the claims being made? Is this going to bring down the prices of the vintage stuff? Would love to get a chat going on this.

I don't know anything about their sound, but one of the virtues of the old Gold Lions, etc. was their longevity. There are people with old Macintosh amps still using those tubes from the 60s they installed back then. I would be surprised to see the new tubes last that long, but I guess we'll have to wait to see that.
I have heard from a very experienced and reliable source that the sound of the reissues is quite this odes not imply that they are as good or better than the original...not sure this helps just passing it along