Anyone tried the new Decware WO32?

I was trying to get some information about the WICKED ONE subwoofers, as it is offered at DECWARE. Has anyone had the pleasure of listening to it? How does it compare with other subs between 1k-2k range? Is if as taut and FAST as they claim it to be? Any input would be appreciated it. I am thinking about mating it with my SET 300B amp+pair of horn speakers.
Having been to Decware's "Research, Design, Repair and Production Facility" and dealt with these people face to face, i would take anything that they have to say with the largest grain of salt that you can find. I'll just say that the folks that run "Decware" are far more adept at marketing and creating impressive websites than they are at follow through or know-how. Others may have different opinions and experiences than mine, so use your own judgment as to what my comments are worth. Sean
That's great posting your impressions, but how about some evidence to backup your claims? What did they say or do that leads you to believe that they are bad at "following through or know-how" ? I seriously doubt you own or have even heard any Decware equipment otherwise you wouldn't be talking through your ass. I own a pair of Decware monoblocks as well as the Decware preamp and they are the best sounding equipment I have ever owned - and I haved owned a ton over the past 20 years. How can they build such good sounding equipment if they don't have "know-how"? Just lucky I guess? geez! Go read the many reviews of the Zen Select amp over at