Anyone tried the new and improved Zen matrix?

The dealers are advertising that the new and improved Acoustic Zen matrix with teflon tape has been compared to the Nordost Valhalla and beats it hands down.Anyone do this comparison? If this is true we're going to see a lot of Valhalla cables for sale "cheap".
Nothing on the web site about it.
The dealer I'm referring to is Value Audio.See ad in cables section in Audiogon.
As I get older / and somewhat ? smarter I try to get MORE than a dealer recomendation.There are many members whose opinion I value more-than---
I would be skeptical. Whose blindtesting? The ad doesn't say.
I've got a pair on the way. I have the original version to compare them to so I'll keep you posted....
You both have a point.But what struck me was the boldness of the comparison.I have never heard the Valhalla's but based on the rave reviews they are "the" cable to beat.If this ad ,affectionately known in the advertising business as " puffery" has any semblance of truth to it,then the Valhalla's are way over-priced at this time.Just a point I was trying to make based on the ad claim.I do tend to lean on the recommendations of fellow audiophiles(not to say that audio dealers aren't audiophiles) On the contrary,I believe they are or they wouldn't be in this business.It is their living though and they need our support.We are happy when we can find a good deal in Audiogon where we sometimes pay at or below dealer's cost.Someone,unless through factory-direct,bought these through a dealer.I feel for high-end dealers at this time because not only has the economy been tough but more and more factory-direct company's are by-passing them to get a share of what market there is and be competitive at the same time.What the future holds no one knows.We can only speculate,but in the long haul the consumer must have his needs and wants met.
Thanks,Jaguar.I look forward to your comparison.I have a pr.of wow's which are still breaking in.I would really like to get periodic posts as the cable breaks in.I understand the zens take an unusually long time to properly break in.Should you find the new matrix substantially better,it might convince me to try one.
By the way,Jaguar.Have you tried other cables? I was curious if you had tried any of the Stealth cables.Also,do you prefer copper over silver and if yes,why? I have been told that silver is higher-voiced and copper is warmer-voiced,that silver has come a long way since the early days of being labeled with being strident and thin.I'd like your opinion and would either one be chosen based on system compatibility(i.e. silver good with tubes and copper good with solid state,etc) Thanks,Sherod
I just got a pair a AZ about 2 weeks ago. I've never heard the old style, but they beat my Transparent audio Super XL hands down. As they say, there was the lifting of a sheet of haze with these cables. More detail yet smoother, they where everything I could have hoped for.... and they are less expensive by 50% then the transparents. I am definetly off the transparent band wagon and on the Acoutic Zen. I am very happy with them, I am looking forward to replacing my trans speaker wire with AZ.
Jaguar, I would be very interested also. I have both the silver reference and the matrix reference (old style), if you happen to have the silver reference to compare them to also, I would love it!

Brm1,what do you have these connected to and how long did it take to break-in where you could fully realize the superiority over the transparent?
I have these hooked up to a Cary sli-80 integrated and a Cary 303/200 cdp. The cable had been "cooked" before I got them, but the dealer told me to run them another 48 hrs before I a/b. I ran them about 3 short days and then a/b. It did not take very long to figure out the AZ was a clear winner.
Sherod, I compared a pair of Harmonic Technology (the same guy desiged them as does the AZ)truth links with the Transparent Super XLs and there was no comparison there either. Realization time: about 10 minutes of listening. The supers have a real nice warm midrange, acoustic instruments have a lot of body to them. Unfortunately the mids were coupled with rolled highs, no air to speak of and bloated bass. Ive listened to the Trans Ref XLs also and for the money they are asking i just don't get it.
Any feedback on the new matrix yet?
Would like to hear from owners of the new AZ Matrix or Silver on how you are responding to this cable's sound.I also would like to get feedback from owners of older versions with comparisons.I've had the new Matrix in for about a week,pre-cooked by dealer for a few days, and they sound wonderful.These have a very addictive natural sound to them, the opposite to listener's fatique with a tube-like quality.A very unique sonic experience.I wonder how the Satori's compare.
I replaced the run of old style Silver Reference I had between my source and pre-amp with some of the new style Selver Ref cables. The only real change I noticed was that the bump in the midrange went away. It was subtle, but was that one little niggling complaint I had with the Silver Refs, it was at a frequency where it made my system sound a bit harsh and unbalanced now it's smoother, even though I am still running the old style between the pre and power amps. I talked to Acoustic Zen and I am sending all mine back to be redone ($75.00 charge each).
Good for you Greg,I also bought recently the new Matrix and have been keeping posted by Jaguar with his new version.Let us know with time as they are broken in how they perform.I think I see why there is such a rush of AZ ic's for sell lately.I been surprised to see so many of the Matrix's going in the $250-300 range, much less than just a few short months ago.It seems that it would be cheaper to pay the $75.00 for the upgrade.These Matrix have a very unique sound to them.Very listenable with no listener's fatigue whatsoever.
Yeah, I liked my Silver Refs a lot (old-style), but went back and forth between the Silver Refs and the Matrix Refs for about a month. Neither was perfect, both had tradeoffs. I finally went with the Silver Refs because the bass was better defined, and the Matrix Refs didn't have the detail or upper end the Silver Refs did, as well as having a bit of a bloom in the midrange, which while it was interesting was overboard. The thing I disliked about the Silver Refs was the bit of a midrange hump which made things seem a bit cold and overly harsh with them. It should be noted though that I kept putting the Silver Refs into different places in my system and A-Bing them against the Matrix Refs and the Silver Refs wound up being the winners every time.

I finally wound up deciding I wanted the detail of the Silver Refs. With the new changes to the Silver Ref I think they will be about perfect, although I am going to see if my Matrix Refs can be upgraded and re-evaluate my decision then. It would be nice to be able to use the cheaper Matrix Refs instead of the Silver Refs.
Everyone says the new Matrix have less midrange bloom with better inner detail and increased dynamics. The frequency extremes have been further extended with both being cleaner and more natural. But Greg, system synergy is so important. Let me know after full break in what you're new comparison is because the new versions are totally new creatures, without losing that seductively sweet sound the AZ cables are known for.These cables are like an additive drug.You keep wanting to go back to them for another fix.
Greg, how are your new,upgraded Matrix's sounding. I just got word from Jaguar that he really likes his new Matrix now that it has sufficiently broken in.I really like my new Matrix from pre/pro to amp. I never heard the older version but I'm content with this newest version.