Anyone tried the Metrum Hex DAC?

The Metrum Hex Dac is now listed on the Acelec website for less than 3K. Anyone hear it yet?
lula I gonna be the first one?
Let us know how you like it and how you will have it configured
I have an inquiry into the US distributor, but so far they have not called me back not responded to my email. I'm considering putting one up against my PS audio Perfectwave MKII just for kicks.
Talked to the guy from Montreal who beings this product into Canada at the TAVES show over the weekend, he said the first pieces will be coming in a few weeks but he had not heard it yet.

Would love to know how it compares to the Octave and how much the law of diminishing returns factors in between the two. The Octave does everything I want it to and the limited inputs and outputs is something that I can live with so the upgrade bug isn't really bothering me at all right now.

Please post your impressions after you get a chance to put it through it's paces...