Anyone tried the Manley Skipjack??

The Skipjack is pricey, but the real question is whether it is as transparent as Manley claims it is. If so, maybe it's worth it (or maybe not). Has anyone actually heard (or more appropriately, NOT heard) this unit in actual use? If so, please share your impressions. A description of the equipment you heard it with would also be helpful.
I've been using the Skipjack almost a year now and, for me, it is sufficiently transparent. I use it to switch between two arms/cartridges into one phono preamp but have also used it also to route two cartridges between three phono inputs.
Just got a Skipjack for use with a Steelhead and it is sonically transparent. I did some A/B in and out of circuit and cannot identify any sonic differences. A great component.