Anyone tried the MAD interconnects seen on E-BAY?

Just wondering, if you have, what did you think? They dont seem too expensive ($75), but I have never seen anyones reaction to them other than the ones that the guy posts in his ad. Since I cant rely on those, I want to hear good/bad from some actual users. I was thinking of giving these a whurl.
I initially got a pair of their Pearl1 interconnects via ebay for about $75.00.It was impressive for the price paid,It was ultra transparent,fast but lacked a little in smoothness and bottom end heft.However it was good enough to surpass the top of the line Monster cable that I had been using and good enough for me to enquire whether they were planning a more high end offering.It tranpired that they were and I was sent a set of Pearl11 and the top of the line SuperMax cables to trial at $200.00 and $300.00 respectively.Bythis time I was using Nordost Quattro fil between my cd and pre and SPM between pre and power amp.Neither of the cables could touch the Quattro fil but both were at least as good as the SPM at considerably lesser cost. I ended up buying the Pearl 11 to replace the SPM I was trialling and kept my Quattro fil in place. the Super Max cable was excellent but for me could not justify the cost differential over the Pearl11.Recommend you give it a try and Eric is a good guy to deal with.
I tried a pair but returned them for refund. It took a couple of reminders to Eric, but he did eventually send a refund.
Estrnad, why did you return them? What did you not like about them? Any info is appreciated so I can decied if I want to try them out.
They lacked detail when used with a Sony SCD-777, but your system could be different. Why not take then up on their 30-day policy and try them in your system?