Anyone tried the Lyra Kleos in a Linn EKOS SE?

Linn LP-12, Linn EKOS SE, Linn Adikt
I'm running a Lyra Dorian for now on my Ekos SE. The Kleos is next, but not until after a Radikal. Otherwise, very happy.
Although expensive, the Radikal is a great upgrade. If you can only afford one upgrade, Radikal before Keel for sure.

My friend has a full spec's LP12 and tried both the Akiva and Kleos, he liked both cartridges but settled on the Akiva due to the Linn match.

I would give the Kleos a serious listen. I would imagine that the Lyra provides more value than the Linn due to Linn's huge mark ups.
I have standard Ekos on my LP12 but have the Kleos and love it. I have heard one at my dealer on a Radikal with Ekos SE and it sounds wonderful. But his table also had the Keel and the Khan as well. I have a desire to buy another table but if I keep my LP12 then the Khan is next on my list. I think it makes more sense than the Keel.
I just don't see 3300 when I look at the Keel. And by the way I have a Lingo/Cirkus/Trampoline/Linto combo. I have though about selling the Linto and getting a Uphorik or possibly a ARC PH6. Still on the fence about keeping or selling the LP12. So holding tight. But to answer your question, if you like your Dorian, you love the Kleos.
I have a Lydian B that I traded in and I just love the Lyra
sound and I thought about the Skala but I think the Kleos
offers more in the newer suspension system.
This is very timely for me as I have a Ekos, cirkus, lingo,trampoline 2, and have had the Lyra Kleos recommended to me by several people to replace my Shelter any feedback you can provide on the Lyra would be appreciated. If it matters my phono stage is a Rhea.
Just upgraded to a Radikal D and a Kore/Cirkus. I use a Benz Ruby 2...a Kleos or better still, a Skala would be my next upgrade. OTOH IF Benz were still in biz, I would go up their line.
To All, I have 1988 vintage LP12. Took it to Tom at Ovature Audio in Ann Arbor, MI. He installed Trampoline II, updated phono cable and new Kleos and did His total tune up. He is a firm Linn guy. My LP12 sounds as if it were New! I considered a Radikal but bought a Kuzma to try something different after 28yrs. The Kuzma w/ 12" arm and Dynavector XX2 Mk II plays as an equal side by side with the LP12/Kleos. The Kuzma ergonomics are better and the Kuzma 12" reference arm allows the Dyna to play above its price. Wil keep the Linn for now; but the Kuzma has me thinking about an unsuspended "Super Table"