Anyone tried the K2HD mastering CDs?

At $35 to $50 each, they are quite expensive. Are they worth the price?
Yes, I've tried them. No, they are not worth the premium. Listen to three and felt the 'master' did not know what he was doing. Needs the Steve Hoffman touch. Try a blu-ray audion disk and you will see what true mastering is all about.
I really enjoy the sampler and I have a couple of the classical releases. I think they are worth it (premium lables such as MFSL or SHM-CD or priced in the same league)
Try the sampler to get a good feel for it.Unlike SACD's the can be burned.
I own the K2HD sampler, and it is very good. However, I can't really judge the whole K2HD catalog, as I find SACD slighly superior, and less costly. It depends on how much you want to spend for high quality digital.

The ones I have are amazing.
yes,they are good but not as good as SACD.

The price in US is mindbogglingly expensive,I suspect you are paying a lot of tax time you are in Japan,try to shop for them
Agree with Rwwear - the K2 HD discs sound amazing. Even if SACD is potentially a better technology, the quality of the FIM recordings make them sound better than most SACDs. If you only have a Redbook player, this the best sound you will find. The downside is that most of the music is pretty obscure - mostly good demo stuff. Try 'The K2HD Sound!' sampler - tracks 1,2 and 16 are the best demo material you will ever find (if your system is up to it).
A friend of mine just lend me a copy of Anitphone Blues in K2HD. I already have the SACD version so I can do some comparisons tonight.

One thing I noticed, for some reasons, the K2HD disc only has 11 tracks vs. 15 tracks in the SACD version; and two of my favorite tracks: "The Shepherd" and "Hymn To Freedom" are missing.

Anyone notice that?
eBay is the best resource for inexpensive K2HD discs. I probably shouldn't let the cat out of the bag but I feel it's my duty.
"yes,they are good but not as good as SACD."

24bit/96kHz FLAC downloads and SACDs are of course better sounding than k2HD (16bit/44,1kHz)...

I'm waiting for true HD "K2HD" discs (or downloads) from jvc!
Hi Sidssp
Did you ever do the ab test on the SACD vs. K2HD versions of Antiphone Blues? I find the SQ of the K2HD outstanding IMO