Anyone tried the EAT 6922s in their preamp? Or replaced 6550s with the new KT 120s

I have a CJ Premier 16 2 and have used NOS Siemens Rohrs and Tungsrams. The Siemens offer more extension and air and the Tungsrams have really nice warmth and body. Wondering what the EATs might have to offer. For a price of course. 

I also have Premier 12s and have used NOS 6550 Tungsols and Russian KT88s CJ confirmed the 12s could use the new KT 120s and was wondering if anyone had tried these? Or which input and driver tubes proved most successful?

Any favorites for a 12AX7 in a PR 15 phono stage?

Speakers are B&W Signature 30s
TT is a Gyro SE, SME V, Benz Ebony. 



Yes, I tried the EAT 12ax7 and KT88 on my (2) MC275 V and never look back. Also purchased 4 extra KT88 going forward, just incase they stop making them.

One friend brought 8 EAT 6922 at the CES last year, that he'll never pull them out.

Beeswax , Thanks for the response. I may try to pick some up at Axoona. Last year they had some pretty good discounts on them. 
Did your friend use the 6922 in a preamp or phono stage?
When I had my Octave I had TS 6550 solid grey and black plates (no holes). I also had SED 6550 and KT88's GL KT88 Russian reissue. Ei KT90's - Eat KT88 diamonds original GEC KT88 and TS KT120's. I would rank them from warmest sounding to most linear this way. TS 6550 black plates (warmest) then grey plates - SED KT88 - GL KT88 - Ei KT90 - Sed 6550 - Eat KT88. The KT120 was kind of an oddball IMO which I did not care for. Punchy lows - glaring mids and highs that sizzled instead of sparkle.

That said a lot depended on which speakers I had. The Dyn C1's sounded great with the warmer tubes and the Raidho D1 and D2's sounded much better with the more linear sounding tubes.

I had little time with the Eat KT88's because I lost 4 of 7 tubes (all purchased used) in less than 2 months. I'm sure I would have liked them the best with Raidho's.