Anyone tried the Denafrips CD transport?

I am currently using a Cambridge CXC transport and believe it to be a high value product at $600 retail. That said I am interested in the Denafrips transport as I could move the CXC to my secondary system. I am using a Audio Mirror Tubadour III DAC.
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If anyone finds the shootout bill k mentioned, please post it here. 
I would be most interested to see it and will look for it. 
When I emailed Alvin about that he said Jay’s Audio has been making transports for many many years. He said Jay’s is the better transport.

Maybe for hi-res and dsd the Denafrips would be better, but I do strictly Redbook and the Jay’s using the I2S output going to my AM Tubadour III
SE Dac sounds great.
I believe the Denafrips is a Redbook CD player only. My Tubadour has the upgraded caps and resistors, however lacks the I2S output.