Anyone tried the Denafrips CD transport?

I am currently using a Cambridge CXC transport and believe it to be a high value product at $600 retail. That said I am interested in the Denafrips transport as I could move the CXC to my secondary system. I am using a Audio Mirror Tubadour III DAC.
A comparison between the Denafrips and the Jay's would be great. As would between these and the CXC.  My greatest interest would be between the Denafrips and the CXC as the Denafrips is about 1/2 the cost of the Jay's. May purchase the Denafrips and make this comparison, in no hurry however. 

With the realization that there are not yet many out there, I am hoping to hear from owners of the Denafrips. 
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If anyone finds the shootout bill k mentioned, please post it here. 
I would be most interested to see it and will look for it. 
When I emailed Alvin about that he said Jay’s Audio has been making transports for many many years. He said Jay’s is the better transport.

Maybe for hi-res and dsd the Denafrips would be better, but I do strictly Redbook and the Jay’s using the I2S output going to my AM Tubadour III
SE Dac sounds great.