Anyone tried the Audio Magic Stealth ?

Do they have a website ?

Audio Magic has a website. It is

in 2 years ,i tried powerwedge,burmester,audioprism foundation 3,accuphase 1200,ps 1200 and UO,hydra,and stealth.
stealth is the best for my system(for music and for the picture)
I had PS Audio Power Plants (600 and 300) in my system. I then tried the CFX, and was amazed at how much better it was than the Power Plants. The Power Plants sounded muffled and constricted. I then compared the CFX to the Stealth, and the Stealth was even better. More open and cleaner than the CFX. That's what is in my system now. I can't imagine anything being better for power conditioning.
On the Audio Magic web site there is mention of a new Stealth called the Matrix coming soon. Does anyone know what that is?
Rkuryl, I recently asked Jerry Ramsey (the designer) the same question - he said it will be their "top of the line" unit and will be out sometime in Nov-Dec 2002. I'm afraid I don't have any info on specs or pricing.
I just ordered one yesterday. Hope it is as good as folks say!
Anyone know what is the cost for the new power conditioner?
The cost for the Matrix hasn't been decided yet. It's still in development. It will be their best conditioner, so I'm sure it will exceed the $3500. price of the current top-of-the-line.
I've had a Stealth (the six-duplex variety) in my system for two days after Jerry burned it in for four days before shipping. I have a SS amp and tubed pre and felt I was missing fully extended bass and "slam". No more. If there continues to be improvement, as promised, with respect to bass tightness, further extension of highs, and expanded soundstage, it is WELL WORTH the price of admission - at least for me, a resident of Bay Area, California - dirty power central!