anyone tried the Audeze LCD 2 headphones with the Yamamoto HA-02 amp?

Just purchased a set of Audeze LCD 2/fazor headphones and am wondering if the Yamamoto HA-02 amp is a good match for these phones. On paper everything looks good but we all know that sometimes that doesn't tell the whole story. Just looking for input on this specific match or with one of the other Yamamoto headphone amps. I am 30 days into a 90 day wait on a Yamamoto HA-02 amp that I ordered direct from the factory.
Thought I would give a brief update on the Audeze LLC 2 w/fazor headphones and the Yamamoto HA-2 headphone amp after living with them in my system for the last couple of months. First let me state I was a bit leary of ordering the amp direct from the factory and received no feedback from them after the order was placed leaving me a bit antsy with the process but all went well and the amp arrived in the allotted time frame and it is gorgeous with no issues. I am running the system thru the tape loop of my Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe preamp to utilize the sources I use in my big rig of Jadis JS dac/Wadia 8 transport and Allnic H1500 SE II phono driving either a Dynavector DRT XV1s, XYZ Universe or a Miyabi Standart on a VPI Prime table w/SDS, perifial ring and BDR record clamp/Stiipoints LLS record clamp. The cables used are a set of Aural Thrills 99.9% pure silver Litz wired RCAs with Teflon rca connections and a set of Cable Pro Reverie headphone cables. I knew from the get go I was going to like the phones because I played them thru the headphone input of a Teac CD player I have in my poolhouse that I use to play music when we are outside using the pool and or BBQing but I wasn't prepared for how much I was going to like them running thru the before mentioned set up with the Yamamoto in the chain, wow this is really a nice set up and I have been enjoying them in lew of my big rig with them getting a good 40% of the playing time. It really is nice having a great headphone system on hand and am sure I am going to enjoy this rig for a very long time and might just evolve into a second system in my bedroom.