Anyone tried the ARC REF75 with B&W803D?

Hi, I am looking to upgrade my power amp ARC VT.100MkIII to the ARC Ref75. I like the ARC sound, and have read rave reviews of this new Reference series amp, and I am looking forward to the refinement in mid/high frequencies and also a better bass (which currently I find a bit lacking)which this series can bring.
But, I have B&W803D speakers, and most of what I have read about them is that they are very power hungry. I have read the Ref75 can drive difficult loads as B&W, but I would rather hear it from someone who has tried it. On another note, I have also tried at my bro´s a combination of Ref3+Marantz MA-9S1 300W monoblocks+B&W803D and it was really awesome. But I can´t find the latest MA-9S2 second hand on the market. This would be a very nice alternative.
BTW, I also have ARC Ref3 preamp, SCD-XA5400ES SACD, ARC DAC8, and a music server powered by JRiver MC.
Thanks for your commments.
I have had some experience with the 803D, and yes, they are a difficult load and very power hungry. Even though the Ref75 is a newer, higher quality amp compared to your current one, I don't understand using less power when it looks like you should be increasing the power. Seems like you should be looking at the Ref250, or something solid state with high power like you stated.
Thanks Tls49,
well ref250 is out of my reach, also think of the tube maintenance...
With ref75, i think has the same current delivery as ref110, so I have some hope it may do ok with my b&w...I rarely play loud in my flat, so I favour musicality and good performance at reasonable loudness levels. In any case, I cant disagree with you, and I also have an eye on high power SS.
I owned the 803D for a few years before upgrading to the 803Diamond. They worked surprisingly well with a pair of 60W Marantz SM17 amplifiers. I once measured the power output for a typically music listening session and was surprised that it averaged a few watts with a peak of around 40Watts. So my theory is that you need amplifier that can supply current rather than volts. Unfortunately I have no experience with valve amplifiers - would love to hear your experiences. BTW the 803D is one my favourite loudspeakers.
Hi Mark_nz, indeed that is the evidence I want to confirm with someone who may have tried the combination, as I would really like to go this route with the arc ref75. But most of the forum posts point to the high power direction...I will post my findings if I get to try this combination.