Anyone tried the 29ga. 5n Pure Silver wire?

Or the new(er) gold allow wire in teflon being sold here by Ohmygodverizonnet? Supposedly they are cryo-treated, too.

I need some new cables for phono, digital and speaker. The price is definetly attractive, but aound and quality are a question. They have premade IC's, too.

Hopefully someone around here has given them a good tryout.

1.Parallel, non-oversampling, TD154A DAC w/ SE tube output stage
2. Toshiba 3950 cd/dvd transport
3. Scheu Premier mkII TT, Scheu Tacco tonearm,
4. ZYX Fuji FS/Grado Statement/Cartridge Man MM3/Denon DL-103D
5. S&B TX-102 mkIII transformer volume controls
6.Welborne DRD 300B mono's w/ TJ Meshplates
7. Poindexter fully balanced/differential PP 7591A pentode amp
8. Hammer Dynamics Super-12 12" fullrangers w/ supertweeter >10kHz

Now that I have monoblocks, I'd like to place them behind my speakers and use long IC's. From my new rack location to the farthest speakers is ~18-20ft. including extra slack in the line.

The balanced PP amp and balanced TVC make that easier, but i was wondering how long I can go with single-ended IC's to the Welbornes?
For long ICs, the home brew cable might not work well. Proper shielding needed. Aside from that, 29ga is too thin for this application. Personally, I wouldn't use anything longer than 6 ft for single-ended ICs.
As far as purity claim and cryo claim, it is questionable.
If it doesn't sound good, it may not be your fault.
Hi Chang,

Thanks for the advice. I was pretty sceptical and unless there were a lot of people around here who had used these guys stuff with great results, I'll look elsewhere.

Now that I have added vinyl to my system, I need to move my entire rack away from the speakers and next to my listening position. That is actually ~30ft(of cable) away. I'm adding stereo subs and that will play havoc with the turntable at the current position.

I may have to get some balanced to single-ended line driver transformers to place them at the inputs of the SET amps so I can use long XLR connects. I can experiment with setting the TVC preamp to 6dB boost to see if the extra gain is needed.

Or, I may have to add an active tube stage to the TVC. Well, nothing's ever easy in this hobby, is it?
the cryoed gold alloy wire is pretty good as DIY ICs, the sound is smooth and full, not the most transparent and dynamic, but fun enough to play with and well worth the price.
I assume you have the 10kOhm S&B (BTW, excellent devices!). I imagine the first thing you can do is try out the new config with good quality enameled copper wire (magnet wire, used for voice coils, transformers, etc) that you can probably get for free or next to free fm a local electronics shop. ~18g should do. See if your dac can drive the new load adequately in rca connection without noise (you never know).
If not, adding a converter tranny to the amps input is no big deal -- but you have to purchase the trannies:(
I was thinking of possibly buying some of this stuff as well.A freind let me try out his home made ic's that are a
3 braid solid core cooper that was cryo'd and I was very impressed.He told me the secret is in having the wire cryo'd.I bumped into a web site thay sells a 25 foot spool
of silver wire for $96.00.I also found a web site that can cryo just about anything for $75.00 plus $9.00 extra for up to 30 pounds of stuff.So the possibility is endless.What do u think? Should we take the plunge?