Anyone tried Tesla Digital cables

I've had good experience using the interconnects starting with Tesla Accelerator (Pre to Pwer) and then acquiring another Tesla Acoustic Reference (Pre to source) and now finally including the Quattro (BTW I also have the Tesla power cords T2/3).
Has anyone in the forum tried the Digital cables between their source and transport. I could be interested in replacing my Wireworld Gold Starlight. FYI, I have the MBL1511E and 1521A
Try this experiment first: alongside your current cable between transport and DAC, grab any other cable you like (cheap RCA or optical will do) and connect it to another set of out/in ports. Now, put in your fave CD and start playing. Then, using the remote, swap inputs on the DAC from 1 to 2 (or whatever connections you used for the two runs of cable). Hear any difference?

I've found that the MBL transport & DAC combo is absolutely immune to cables!
I contacted S/R after I bought my used Tesla Accelerator bi-wire speakers and infact they recommended that in my situation I should have started by getting one of their Tesla digital cables first. Their reasoning being that one would retrieve more information using their Tesla digital cables.

I mentioned my dac (Altmann Attraction) was supposed to be immune to which digital cable with the JISCO function activated but they were adamant that I would hear a difference with one of their Tesla digital cables.

Sadly my local dealer here in Sweden (Europe) does not stock any of the Tesla digital cables. So I'll have to buy blind and therefore, I'm too curious to see if anybody has tried the Tesla digital cables.

My current digital cable is 12 years old - an XLO reference 1.