Anyone tried Stan Warren/Supermod Player

Stan Warren of Supermod in Eugene Oregon one of the original founders of PS Audio modifies DVD Players. Has anyone ever tried one or heard one??
Sug- I've heard a couple of different "SuperMod"ed products and thought the improvements quite worthwhile. I've had nothing but good experiences with his products. Considering his mod costs, they represent good value based on sound engineering. Though I've not heard his DVD mods, I would certainly consider them.
Sugarbrie, I have an Adcom 5802 modified by Stan Warren for 300 dollars. Stan is an incredible modifier. He can make a Teac 100 dollar CD Player into a great sounding CD Player. He can modify any CD Player. I would get a better CD Player then the Teac and have Stan Warren modify it.
Twilo, when did you get your Adcom modified? Stan modified a 5802 for me, too, but for $400 + parts. Can't complain with the end result. I really like Stan and his work speaks for itself.
Stan is suggesting a modified Pioneer 24bit DVD Player. Either $200 or $250 depending on what is done. This is not the cost of the DVD player which I would buy and mail to him. He feels it would as good as any modified 24bit CD player, so why not get a great DVD player at the same time.
I've spoken to andy bartha about his mod to the pioneer 525 and read about stan warren's. assuming i decide to have this done, what's the downside, if any to using the toslink for h/t and the coax to the msb link dac III? both in terms of using both digital outs and any possible interaction and of course the quality of signal by toslink.
Stan's idea is to upgrade the DVD player so you do not need the Link DAC for audio. He also does Link DAC mods for those interested.
How do you get in touch with Stan Warren?
Phone: (514)344-3696. Best time is 1pm to 4pm pacific. He does return calls.
Woops wrong area code above. Its (541)344-3696 in Eugene, Oregon.
Man, am I getting old. I remember when PS Audio stood for "Pete and Stan" and these guys were designing and making great sounding equipment up in the land of Santa Maria BBQ. I still have a PS1 (also known as a PS Source) which came either as a kit or fully built. Had the same phono stage as the legendary 4.6. Another way cool feature then were the bag of extra resistors to "tune" the roll off. I still have this preamp. I've heard Stan's CD mods via friends' systems. He's the real deal.
Hi Jim, is it Pete or Paul? Jim, you live in Santa Maria?
PAUL s barton. btw, didn't andy bartha do some mod that was a fav and written up in the 80's by stereophile?
Thanks, Sugarbrie. I have just ordered the Aiwa XC37M cd changer from J&R for $90 in order to add a changer to my main system for background music. I have read that Stan Warren does some mods and has a special digital cable that works with it.
Yeh, He told me he could make the Aiwa into a CD transport that put a lot of other transports to shame. Unique for a multi-disc changer.
By Ehfm, You probably had the full Modification. I didn't get the full mod. But in the future i will. How do you like the way your Adcom 5802 sounds after the mod. You can email me. [email protected]
I'v also heard about this Aiwa CD Changer. Someone told me, it sounded better then the Wadia top of the line CD Player. I heard the Aiwa CD Changer with the Stan Warren mod, makes an amazing Transport. Just get a good Dac.
How much is the Aiwa mod and is there a warrenty?
The Aiwa mod is $130. plus shipping. I did not ask about a warranty. The mod includes some internal parts upgrades and fitting it with a special digital cable (included) that will plug into the toslink input of a dac. For $90 (cost of player) plus $130, and if this thing just sounds ok, it would be worth it to add multi-disc capacity to my system. I won't be able to get this done until early next month, but will report back if anyone is interested.
Joe_b, If you get the mod done on the Aiwa CD Changer, Hear the Aiwa before the Mod. Then tell us how the Aiwa sounds with the Mod.
Brulee, the memory isn't what it used to be. Paul was Stan's partner when they started the company. They really created some inovative products when they were a small company. No, I don't live in Santa Maria. But I do make it a point to try to grab some Santa Maria BBQ when passing through to points North. There's something about the justifiably famous tri-tip or a good oak grilled steak. Oh, and those Santa Maria beans, too!
Thanks Joe: Sounds like a real bargain, plus the claims that the stock changer kills when hooked up to a good DAC as well.
I think Stan gives a one year warranty on the mods. He said if would depend on the repair depot whether they would accept the factory warranty on the rest of a new unit that he does not modify, such as the transport mechanism and laser. He did say he has only had one CD player returned to him (which he fixed for free of course). I did speak ealier with a member of the Chicago Audio Society who has a Stan modified Aiwa. He said the Aiwa as a transport was shockingly good out of the box and a "killer" after the Stan mod.
The only downside is going into a Best Buy at this time of the year. LOL.
The Aiwa is on sale for $79.95 at my Best Buy
I paid $85 plus $5 shipping (list price was $89.95) with a 30 day trial. I am going to listen to the player in its stock mode before deciding to send it for modifications. However, Stan Warren does make a credible case for his mods. Either way it seems like a bargain, but you never know until you try. I will report back if I have anything interesting to say. Happy Holidays to all.