Anyone tried Signal Cables speaker wires for B&W?

I have B&W/Rotel system and have had good results with their interconnects. Im interested in getting their speaker wires and wondering if anyone has had experience with them. Thanks
Forget Signal even if they are good. You want and your speakers want AudioQuest. I owned B&W 802 Matrix 3's for years and tried many many cables. AQ is what they want and they want bi-wiring as well. Most B&W stroes I have visited usually sell AQ since they work so well together.
Signal Cable has a money-back guarantee. Order the speaker cables, do approximately one week's worth of break-in, and listen for yourself. All you will risk is the shipping cost and a little time and effort.

Good luck!
Elinor, which Audioquest line would recommend? I think this time around Im not going to biwire. Ive heard that biwiring tends to make your speakers bright.

I have bought Signal interconnects before and have had good results but I just dont know how their cables and powercords match up. I am aware that they have a money back guarantee but I would like to just skip all that and get it right the first time from people with similar systems recommendations.