Anyone Tried Shakti Stones?

I recently came across a mention of Shakti stones and noticed that quite a few of the reviewers at Stereophile seem to use them. Has anyone out there tired them and if so, what were your results?
they do work, but there are better tweaks available for less money example auric illuminater,Kontac to clean connections, bright star big rock,bedini clarifier etc.
Yes, and they do work. Most noticeably is atop the input transformers of my tube amps, above/below a Genesis Digital Lens and above the DAC power supply xfmr. Where they make little or no difference is on (my) speakers, power conditioner, pre-amp power supply, pre-amp and ML 20.6 monos. However, apart from the tube amps, I get the same results without the stones by separating the digital front end from the pre-amp by at least 6 feet.
Hey, Gs5556 thanks for the tip, I just tried them above/below a digital lens to good effect, added focus!
Thanks for the feedback, I'm going to give one of the Stones a try and see what happens!