anyone tried psvane 12at7

I have a atmasphere mp1 and want to try some new tubes. Any first hand experience.
The tube you should be buying for the Atmasphere is the Mullard CV4024 / 12AT7, this is a NOS tube from the UK. Beautiful sweet sounding with great midrange and all around performance. 12AT7's are cheap right now. A pair is around $100.
I have a pair of Psvane 12AT7's in my VAC amplifier. I don't know that I can really comment on how good they are though, because they replaced Telefunken 6211 tubes that came with my amp. While there was a much better tone with the Psvane 12AT7 tubes, I'm not sure if the difference is because the 6211 tube has a much different amplification factor than a 12AT7 tube, which may have something to do with the sound. The 12AT7 has a gain factor of 65, while the 6211 has a gain factor of 27. I did not compare the Psvane 12AT7's against any other 12AT7's, so no 'apple to apple' comparisons.

I bought the Psvane 12AT7 based on my positive experiences with the Psvane CV181-TII and 12AX7;s, which I did head to head comparisons with many others of their ilk.

I use the Psvane tubes in a couple of my phono stages and really like them.

They are probably my favorite new production tube.
What I have in there now is Tung sol ecc81, they are a matched set done by Andy at vintage tube service, not sure if he is still around. He really does a great job of going through tubes and getting the right tubes for a application. Not sure if is really worth trying new tubes.
I recently had a Psvane 12AX7T-II die before it should have, so they're on my shitlist (I have new-ish Tung Sol 12AX7s and tubestore "preferreds" as backups so I can remain in the game). I bought a pair of Mullard CV 4024s recommended by "thetubestore" after a warranty covered NOS Phillips exploded. They work perfectly and reward you with the "mullard flash experience" every time you start up an amp...a bonus! Like he said, still seem like a bargain as far as NOS goes.
I was thinking of trying telefunken ecc81, problem is the preamp takes 8 12at7, so it would be a expensive experement.
Toothman, its the 2 tubes to the rear on the left side of each circuit board in the MP-1 that are the most important. So that would be 4 tubes instead of 8 if you just want to try them.

I've been using a set of Psvane 12at7's in a MP-1 Mk ii and I find them to be detailed and neutral - currently have about 30 hours on a ZYX Universe II.

Prior to this I was using RCA black plates which I found to be a bit richer sounding but not as detailed. I had used those with a Shelter 901.

To me, the Psvane's don't get in the way of the recording as I consider these my "fall back tubes" as I try to compare to other tube types.