Anyone tried Passive Pre's with Class D Power amps

Just curious, has anyone tried Passive Preamplifiers with a Class D Poweramplifier?

If you mean for wyred4sound amps, they have high input impedance which is OK for passive preamps.
If you find balanced passive preamp it's even better
I use a Channel Island PLC•1Passive Line Controller along with the Channel Island D200 monoblocks, or the Wyred 4 sound SX-1000 monoblocks or the Audio Zone Amp 2 monoblocks (45 watts per channel) and they all work well with my CDP, FM, or Phono.
I have bel canto ref1000 mkii and have run them with passive (DAC3 direct as passive pre) and have used a true pre both active and passive (bel canto pre3 active and adcom gfp750 passive and active) and for me the clear winner is the adcom in active mode. Just brings these amps to life and gives body,depth, slam and excitement that you miss with a passive pre. Passive is probably more neutral and accurate but something was missing til I ran the adcom active. Your mileage may vary. Try a few out in either configuration til you find the right sound!
How many inputs do you need? I've gone away from pre-amps altogether and run DACs with volume controls directly into my amps. Some DACs such as the Bel Canto and SD Transporter have multiple digital inputs.
i have tried a passive tvc with the raptors. unfortunately, i did not like the raptors. when i replaced them with a pair of vtl deluxe 120's, i preferred the presentation.
Nicholas at Promitheus assured me that his products would work well with my (at the time) Nuforces. i suspect if the input impedance of your class d was sufficient (class d's tend to be 47k or higher) it would be fine. The Nuforce didn't take much to drive them.

BTW I did introduce a passive into my system (but now with a tubed amp) and it's true what they say...once you go passive it's hard to go back. Transparency and clarity, in short the 'live' experience, is much more. The active pre's I've had couldn't touch this.
follow up...if you don't have a certain passive in mind the promitheus stuff is unbelievable, if you find/buy any of the models on agon it won't be a huge investment. Plus you would likely be able to sell for little or no loss if it didn't work out. The beauty of agon...