Anyone tried new VH Audio Air Sine Cable?

I'm a great fan of Chris' cables. Wondering if any of you have any impressions of the new Air Sine power cable you could share?

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I concur with Tvad, these cables are aptly named, 'air' being the relevant term here!
I replaced the stock Sidewinder on my Shunyata Hydra (orig) with one of Chris's AirSine cables about a month ago. I haven't had time to writeup a full review but I have done some A/Bing between the Sidewinder and the AirSine...

The improvements were substantial and obvious, but perhaps the biggest improvement in my system was in definition -- each instrument and voice became far better defined in a 3D space. I've listened to numerous different PCs (VH Audio Flavor 4, JPS, Shunyata, etc...) in my system and I don't recall ever hearing such a dramatic improvement as wrought by the AirSine.

Because of the custom NEMA connector needed for the Hydra, I'm unable to try the AirSine on other components. It's not a cheap cable but if it fits your budget, ya just gotta try it. Chris is now also burning these in ahead of time so you won't need more than a few days to hear what it can do in your system.
Is there a recipe posted for the AirSine? How is it different from his Flavors?
The AirSine is highly resolving, but in a very natural way, i.e., no tipped up highs or lean bass. It is well balanced from top to bottom and in my all tube system exhibits excellent PRAT. In my mind the AirSine exhibits the best attributes of silver and copper, without the negatives of either. I still don't understand how the hell a power cord can impact the sound this much (since it's not in the signal path), but the AirSines accomplished exactly what I was looking for in my system. They retained the quickness and dynamics of Taipans while improving on resolution.
i currently run the AirSine PCs on my linestage and power amp. in these positions which have higher current draw, the AirSines are excellent. i tried the AirSine on my CD player and while it made a difference, it wasn't nearly as large. presentation is very natural, balanced, EXTREMELY textured and nuanced giving music gobs of detail and emotion. highly recommended.
I have tried several of Chris' cables and have found them to be exceptional value for the money. Out of curiosity, has anyone compared the Airsine to the Elrod statement or Electraglide Epiphany?