Anyone tried NAD's M25 amps

Has anyone out there tried the NAD Master Series M-25 amplifiers. With 7 channels at 160W it seems pretty nice for $3k, I was just wondering if anyone has tried these and with what set-up speaker-wise. I'm just curious what speakers these would pair well with (Paradigms, B&W, etc.). Thanks guys
Hi Turk944,

I heard the M-25 amplifier today along with the M15 pre/pro using the M-55 universal player running on a pair of Wilson-Benesch ARC monitors ($4500 pr). The sound was stunning. In the other room was a pair of Wilson Audio Sophia's driven by some Ayre front end gear, and there was very little difference in the quality. The entire NAD master series is phenominal, I had always shied away from NAD due to their mid-fi personna, but the Master series is every bit as good as say Anthem Statement or Krell Showcase gear and probably slightly better IMO.

The shop (to remain nameless) admitted that the NAD was probably their best amp value in the store. I am planning to purchase one (and the other Master series pieces) for a 5.1 system and bi-amp my fronts with TWO 160W channels each, it should be spectacular. The M25 AMP sounds like Krell, Audio Research, or Ayre and not your old NAD, Rotel, or Anthem. The Masters gear is truly more upscale, but yet affordable. The Perfect Vision magazine just rated the M-25 as their multi-channel amp of the year in their Jan. '07 magazine issue. Check it out on-line.

I am sold on the new NAD master series.

Good luck,
That sounds great, the place by me that sells them does not have a demo set up and running yet. Eventually, I'd like to get a hold of the new Paradigm reference stuff, or possibly jump up to the signature series later on or B&W 803D's and was looking for something that will run any of it for a while. Since I probably won't have the money to upgrade everything all at one time. Thanks for the info
Please excuse my ignorance (newbie here) but my friend is interested in recommendations as what would be a good parallel to the M25 for sound quality and power in today's amps, or has the industry/technology passed it by? If that's the case what you recommend in the under $4,000 price range? Thank you