Anyone tried Marigo VTS "Tuning Dots"??

I'm wondering if this fairly inexpensive room acoustic "treatment" is effective.

Anyone who has tried and can elaborate, I would greatly appreciate.

Thanks to all & any responses.
I have not tried the Marigo Room tuning dots, but have had great success with treating all my components with the various sizes/colors of Marigo dots. Speaker drivers and cabinets, vacuum tubes, I/C's, circuit boards, electrolytic caps and voltage regulators are treated in all of my components. 2mm & 3mm green and 3mm & 4mm white are the best sizes for speaker drivers and most components. 32mm black work best on speaker cabinets. They can be re-applied several times for the best combination and are guaranteed for life, as they can be exchanged for new stock if they will not stick properly after repeated experimentation. Ron at Marigo is a nice guy and can help you with suggestions and installation. He faxed me a diagram of my speakers and the best placement options. They work great. Improvements on each of the components that I treated were similar in magnitude and effect of replacing a stock power cord on a component with a high end power cord. Quieter, more musical presentation with a blacker background. Micro transient response is much enhanced as well. Speakers and pre-amp were probably the components that benefited the most. Give Ron a call about the window and room dots. Good luck.
I use various dots in my system to very good effect. Also, I treated my room with the tuning dots. The most noticeable effect was a much improved lower frequencies, especially in speed and detail. I also heard more resolved images within the soundstage. I suspect the tuning dots work well in rooms that have the typical 1/2 inch sheetrock nailed at intervals on studs. These type walls flex like a drumhead when struck or pushed with your hand. I think the dots help damp these type walls. BTW, I also experimented with magnetic business-card holders which have an adhesive side to which the card is attached. These seem to have a similar physical characteristic and effect of the tuning dots, at a fraction of the cost. You can find these card holders at office supply stores.
I have a friend using the large Marigo discs on the glass windows directly behind his Soundlab speakers. There is no doubt that it improved imaging and tonal balance as well.

I experimented with the green and black Marigo dots on several pieces of electronic equipment with huge improvements by "dotting" the caps in my Atmasphere MA2.

This tweak works well but requires a bit of experimenting. Too many dots (or wrong type) will suck the life and dynamics from the music, the same as applying too much weight on top of equipment to achieve damping.
I have Marigo dots on my walls, windows, and loudspeakers. They seem to add drama and/or detail with every application. I have not yet tried them on any of my electronics, but look forward to doing so. I also look forward to adding additional dots on my walls and windows.

Albert, I would appreciate hearing a more detailed account of what the dots have done for your amps as I expect to do the same someday. God bless.