Anyone tried LAT International Speaker Cable

I need an inexpensive, durable speaker cable for a long run (10 meters). So far, the LAT International SS-800 seems to be the front runner for my needs. It is at the limit of my budget at $329 for a 12 guage SS-800 single stereo pair of 10 meters. It has a Teflon dielectric, very high purity copper and seems to be of an exceptionally durable design. As a bonus, it seems to quite ugly which has advantages for my application. Has anyone had experience with this cable?

LAT International SS-800 Speaker Cable
I had LATs in my system for about 5 years. I forgot what I was using before then, but remember the change was significant and I was very satisfied. The only reason I changed was because I am an audiophool, and nothing is forever with this hobby. I think you will be hard pressed to find many cables, at this price (even more), that will do more. Remember in cabledom, best is meaningless. It is what you prefer and what works in your system. You are lucky that you have a $$ limit. Will make it (a bit) easier to find what you're looking for. BTW, Lou at LAT, will give you 30 days with a full money back guarantee. Can't beat that with a stick. Of course, it will take a while to burn those babies in, so I suggest the first week fun your system as much as you can, particulary when you're at work. This way your next few weeks will be much more revealing. peace, warren

BTW, looking back at your post, I realize that I had their signature speaker cable, which I believe (we're talking 10 years ago) was $350 for 10 feet. Like I said, you have nothing to lose, and knowing Lou and LAT (I had their ICs and power cords, as well--excellent) you have the deck stacked in your favor.