Anyone tried Jena Labs new Power Conditioner?

It's on their website. I've heard it's around $6000. Anyone tried it???
If you are considering a power conditioner, you may want to investigate the Exact Power EP-15. Out of everything I have heard, The EP brings what I feel are the best results. Look on the Audiogon site, you will find Aberdeen components who is the regional representing this particular product line. Ask for Anthony, he is extremely knowledgable. It will also save you some $$$.
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I agree with ilhami, I think!
Yeah... EASY for him to say!
Buscis2- I am interested in the Jena as well but haven't heard it- what did you feel were the differences between the washing machine and the EP-15?
OK dude, I got "internet", now about the rest...
Tireguy, The biggest difference I noted is that my whites were whiter and my colors were brighter. Although, I have not yet determined if it was because of the EP-15 or the cryogenically treated receptacle the washing machine is plugged into.
So, Buscic2, I guess "out of everything I have heard" doesn't include the Washing Machine, the PC that Muratc was SPECIFICALLY asking about?
Mes, you are absolutely correct. On a serious note, please allow me to requalify the statement I previously made. "Out of everything I heard" does not that I have heard "everything". Nor do I feel that anybody has heard "everything".
I personally feel that AC power purification is, in a large part, based on the individual user's needs. Fortunately, I live in an area with a somewhat lower population density in regards to the amount of AC grunge fed back into our AC lines. Obviously, the more homes, factories and commercial buildings that comprise your living area, the more garbage that will be fed into your AC power. So, my AC purification requirements are probably much less than those who live in more densly populated areas.
Generally, my approach in trying to make informed evaluations begins initially with looking into the manufacturers actual design criteria. I am somewhat familiar with the design criteria established by PS Audio, API, MIT, Monster, Sound Applications, Exactpower etc. But, by no means, would I ever consider myself an expert. Although, I find it interesting that so many different approaches (torroidals, AC regeneration, isolation and grounding schemes, etc.) can be used to achieve what pretty much ends up being somewhat similar results.
At that point, my next consideration is price point justification. For me, "cost effective" is an important consideration. I wish I was in a situation where cost was no object. But, I'm not. This requires me to do a little more homework, a little more research, and, at that point, hope that my resourcefulness pays off.
Let's keep in mind, this forum is designed to allow for an open exchange of ideas. Many of these ideas are opinions. And everyone's opinions are going to be different. But, if in any way, I can help someone to make an intelligent, informed decision, then all the better.
Nothing would please me more than to receive an email from someone thanking me for a suggestion that worked for that person. Even better, if someone contacted me stating that my suggestion yielded acceptable results and also saved that person a significant amount of money.
So, getting back to the original subject, my suggestion to Muratc would be to log onto http://www.exactpower/work.php and do a little reading. Hopefully this will provide a new source of information to use as a basis for comparison. If not, it will simply demonstrate another manufacturers design approach to AC purification. To me, I feel it is an interesting concept. But, then again, that's just my opinion.
"So, getting back to the original subject..." That's exactly my point, you never were on the original subject, which was, specifically, has anyone tried the new Jena Labs Power conditioner. The original subject never asked about any other PC, including Exact Power. Let's give muratc enough credit that if he had wanted a broader discussion about various PC's, he'd have asked. I agree, this is an open forum, and for me is very educational, particularly when the topic at hand is stuck to. Something, by my very current participation, I've additionally obviated. Sigh. All due respect, MES
No need to sigh Mes. Although, now that you mention it, we have somewhat deviated from the subject at hand. Let me refocus.
I personally have never auditioned Jena's pc. So, I can't give Muratc an informed opinion. But, I guess my question might be: What are they doing,(by design) that is so special? Special enough to justify such a hefty price tag.
And, by no means,am I being sarcastic by asking this. Would someone please explain to me, the significant or unique design differences so that I may know? I would greatly appreciate it.
And Mes, Thanks for the slap back into reality.
Buscis2- I am confused, you claimed you noticed your whites were whiter and more colors and now you say you haven't used the washing machine- what's the story, have you used it or haven't you used it??? If you haven't how can you tell which was whiter and had better colors??
Over ten responses and not one bit of information on this power conditioner. Maybe it dosen't measure up to specs? If it doesn't meet the proper specs, it can't possibly sound good. Did i say that? I must be buying into this like commercials blasted at you every ten minutes on TV. I would love to hear from someone who has heard this PC.
Buscis2, I like your posts, but I don't think this is one you have given any help on. Muratc asked an interesting question. I don't see where price was a concern of his.
I wouldn't debate Mes, I am way out of his league. Just some kindly advice, Mes has a wit not many can match.
Hope to hear from someone who has tried the Jena Labs PC.
Wouldn't that be nice if someone could answer Muratc very interesting question.
I guess there are not many early-adapters on Audiogon :-)

I've been hearing that this would be an awesome PC which will beat every PC on the market today but I need to have some reviews before I spend a good amount of money. The reason I asked about Jena PC was because I am currently planning to get 1 or 2 Audio Magic Matrixes. 2 Matrixes will cost as much as Jena's so I wanted to get some thoughts about it.

BTW, did anyone open a Stealth? I know it's not recommended but I just want to replace the standart receptacles. Besides the warranty, is there any technical problem with this? Loss of performance?
Brulee, I believe you mean witless, no? :-)To my knowledge, there are only 2 of these conditioners currently, 1 at Chambers Audio Portland, you could email Jtinn: and 1 at David Robinsons, he could probably be reached through Audio Asylum. I was waiting to see if either responded to this thread, since they haven't Muratc could email each directly. I've not heard the new unit myself, but I do have a Sound Applications CFX that Jennifer Crock (Jena Labs) modified heavily as an early prototype of the new unit. It is outstanding. As to the cost of the new one, well that's a whole other discussion and has been beaten to death here before. Cost of gear ranks right along religion and politics. I'll pass, thank you.
Muratc- This link has information on what's inside the Stealth:

If you're think about buying the Stealth also check the thread I started-, and don't think about connecting
them to your system until you burn them in.
Thanks for the links. But unlike Tekunda I'm not curious to see what's inside. I just want to replace the receptacles. Do you think opening the unit has any risks?
I don't know about you but I would be real cautious if its plugged in :o)
Muratc- While I don't think it will cause any harm,I'd contact AM and tell them what you want to change and maybe
they can do the upgrade for you.

The instruction say there light sensitive parts that can be destroyed if you open the unit, but as you can see from
the link above that total BS, because AM does want you
to see there's next to nothing inside.

Before you buy one, I suggest you borrow one that's been broken in from a dealer to see if it improves your system.
As I said I already bought my friends old Stealth, it was already broken in and it killed my PS300 right at the first try.
Muratc- Sorry I missed that, nice to hear that it outperformed the PS300. You're lucky your friend did
the break in. Please let us know how Matrixes compares
to Stealth.
Its alot of dough for the magic, considering it a passive type of conditioner, it is very limited...First the THD of the incoming line voltage will be the same comming out of the unit, there is no voltage correction, nor for the 60hz Sinewave that most allways corrupted.

Hint, first step of removing THD from the A/c line is to first fix the sine-wave, tight regulation of 120v a/c,
then add ultra wide band emi-rfi filtration, and DO NOT USE MOV's! this is the Ideal active conditioning device...

Any dis-agreements?
dear chichiuno,
for a years i tried many many kind of conditioner,(burmester,hydra,ps1200,wedge,accuphase,tice,......)i really dont care whats inside or whats doing.
i m just listening,and audio magic stealth or matrix are the best i ever used.
i would love to try also jena labs one(because i believe her) and i ll do it soon.
Has any one considered the pros and cons of Hydro-electric power verses coal and nuclear reactor generated with respect to amount of noise on line, before purchasing thier power conditioner. In Connecticut, a few years ago, we were given our choice of suppliers to choose from. I think it had to do with deregulation . We chose hydro-electric.Much smoother and analog sounding.
Yes, I agree with Dave, Hydro-Electic is better, the music is more Fluid like......
Here on Maui our power is generated by burn the sugar cane bagasse, the music has pure natural sweetness....
The music ain't the only thing that has pure natural sweetness in Maui. Love to visit and see the volcanos up close. Might be a new reference to judge bass by.
I run a closed system cold fusion custom power conditioner with outboard power supply utilizing controlled nanoscale thermo nuclear explosions with a superstring singularity as its power supply, that PC run off the deteriorating fumes of an opened 1900 Ch. Lafite Rothschild.

I know that some people will think I'm crazy, but the sound is magical with my Bose 901's, with each speaker suspended in each ceiling corner by looped rope and a single DCM Time Window circa 1981 as my custom center channel.

As I said, pure heaven...

Sorry, I couldn't help myself... :0)