Anyone tried/heart Dcca Audio Speaker Cable?


I read very good things about Dcca's power cables and am about to get one for my power amp.

Did anyone try or hear Don's speakercable ? I use Kubala Sosna Fascination SC now with Symphonic Line amps, Metronome digital and Kharma CE 2.3 with titanium tweeters.


Renaat Mattheus
I use Don's power cables and interconnects. If his speaker cables are like his other products, be prepared to smile.

I've owned so many cables I can't remember them all. DCCA products seem to find synergy with every component I use them on- always transparent, never edgy.

I realize that some will scoff at this as hype, but if you try his products you'll see what I mean.
I oredered a DCCA powerwave 3 power cord + DCCA speakercable. The combination of 'transparancy' and 'not edgy' interests me.

After looking at your system pics, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts about the DCCA cables. Your system is fantastic and should really show you the traits of the DCCA product.

Enjoy and please let us know your thoughts once the cables make it to Flanders!
Hello Renaat,

I would wholeheartedly agree with Danlib1's assessment of DCCA products. I also own a number of DCCA pc's and one pair of IC's. l have had the opportunity to own a pair of Don's speaker cables for about one year. Previously I had owned Audioquest Dragon 2, Synergistic Designer Reference and others as well. I had auditioned Purist Aqueous Anniversary and Opus. I then tried the DCCA speaker cables and found them to be the best of them all. Of course everything is system dependent so your mileage may vary here.

It has been my listening experience that the DCCA speaker cables produced excellent sound reproduction across the complete audible spectrum. The bass was solid and tight, the mids were open and airy and the highs were detailed but not bright.

I have a pair of Magnepan Tympani 4a's that have a 6' ribbon tweeter that can be problematic (harsh sounding) with the wrong cables and the DCCA's really have had the ability to tame that problem.

Another thing that I might mention is that Don is a joy to work with. You would be hard pressed to find a manufacturer who is so responsive to his customers needs. This IMO is a real selling point when considering DCCA products.

I hope my input has been of some use to you. Please contact me if you would like more feedback.

Happy Listening,

i have reviewed the dcca cables . you can read the review on the website the review is in the archive section.

i use the dcca speaker cable. i would agree with the assessment of resolution and balance as representative of the speaker cable.
Thanks guys, it seems this cable could offer what I need at this moment.
I highly recommend the Musical Essence power cord from DCCA. Transparent and extended with lush mids. Just damn good on my system! I will be looking into some speaker cables as well down the road.
I received the PowerWave a few weeks ago. This surely is a very fine cable. I put it on my poweramp which now gives better lower, controlled bass and more transparant sound at the same tim. Sound has got more 'weight'.

So I ordered the Source for my preamp. Will report on the findings when I have it.
Hi guys

The Source on my Symphonic Line preamp really shook up my system ! In the positive sense ofcourse. Much more 'weight' and transparancy combined with musicality. Soundstage increased too without becoming too 'spectacular'.

I have the Extreme Reference on my power amp: the bass slam increased without becoming 'boomy'.

All I can say is that these DCCA power cords have a huge positive influence in my system. They make my amps perform at their best.

I want to try the Musical Essence on my DAC and Eminence on my amp. But these cable are stiff so you need a lot of space behind your rack.

Renaat- I thought you'd like the DCCA cables. Incredible stuff there!

Mattheus, wonder whether stiffness is a issue with DCCA Extreme Reference if I have limited space behind rack?
Hi anyone have tried DCCA PC on power conditioner eg transparent or hydra?

if anyone is interested in a pair of dcca speaker cable and/or line cords, please contact me.
I can fully concur your enthusiasm Renaat. Don's power cords are "magic cords" and Don is the magician :) I have also excellent results with his AES/EBU and balanced interconnects. I think speaker cables in general don't have as much impact sonically when compared to power cords (and interconnects).


I have about 30 cm space between my rack and wall, but my power amp has only about 20cm depth. So with a bigger amp I guess at least 50 cm is needed.

My two DCCA's are plugged in a Symphonic Line power conditioner and this works fine.