Anyone tried fuses, power cord with Metrum Octave?

Now my Octave is fully broken in I'm ready to start tweaking some. An aftermarket power cord and a better fuse seem like the first places to start. Have you tried it? What has worked best for you?

FWIW, replacing the RCA input connector with a BNC is also on my list. Should I use Canare's?

I am using a Hifi Tuning Supreme fuse to good effect. I haven't tried anything else to compare but it was a definite step up from what the unit came with.

In my system, I found the Octave very responsive to all the power cords I tried, including Mac HC, Electraglide SOTU, Synergistic T2, Triode Wire 10+ and a homebrew all silver pc. All give a different flavor to the sound and are a worthwhile investment. My preference were either the SOTU or T2. I have not bothered with the BNC mod but some type of footer under the unit seems beneficial. My Octave rest on a granite slab sitting on BDR cones.
The triode wire lab 10+ is a great power cord on the octave, brings out more tonal color, weight and beauty without sacrifing PRaT. I have an AMR fuse coming for my octave this week from Avatar Acoustics.... I'll report back on how that goes, but I expect a nice uptick.

Also, on the cheap side I liked herbies baby booties under my metrum.
This weekend I got around to putting an AMR fuse in my Metrum Octave and I am very pleased by what it did for the presentation. It made it a little more resolved, yet sweeter with better depth and flow.

This little $20 tweak made it significantly more musically involving. Highly recommended.
Thanks both for the input! I'm noting the Triode Wire 10+. Wasn't aware of it. Also noting the positive effect both mention from using vibration-control devices.

Gopher: why did you go for the AMR fuse vs. other options?

Thanks again!
Based on reading others feedback with the AMR fuse and the cost of the AMR was very reasonable. If you haven't tried it already, its worth every penny of the $20. Makes a sizeable improvement, indeed.

I noticed that Create audio sells a high end fuse for $10 which I may also take for a spin.