Anyone tried EH6550 tubes in a SF Power 2 amp?

A local company has good prices on cryo treated EH6550s and I have been wanting to try some to compare the sound to my KT88s (JJ Teslas)
I have not tried those tubes in that amp but in a Consonance. The KT88's give a fuller sound with a midbass emphasis. The EH 6550's (non cryoed) are more evenly balanced with more detail on the top end.
Did you end up putting the Cryo KT88EH's in your Power 2? How did you like them?

I also own a Power 2, and currently use JJ KT88's.

Not yet, I too have JJ KT88's and since they are running so nice I haven't gotten off my lazy and ordered the 6550s. I'll post when I do
I got my cryoset KT88EH matched octet today. I won't be able to try them out until mid-January, because I'll be out of town. I've heard a lot a good things about the Electro-Harmonix tubes, so I'm looking forward to the swap out.