Anyone tried Daad room treatment products?

Has anyone tried the room treatment made by Daad endorsed by avalon acoustics?

My room is 12 x 14 x 22 feet with speakers on the long wall. I put some stuffed furnitures at the front corner and find the highs smoother and mid is clearer. I am wondering if Daad or other products like echo buster would help. My wife can't tolerate realtrap or lens.
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I've used both Daad's and ASC Tubetraps. The Daad's do fine, but I like the tube traps better.
I have recently installed stacked DAADs, 2s on top of 3s, for first reflection points on my sidewalls and a studio DAAD for midway between the speakers on the speaker end-of-the-room wall.

The results have been better than I could have ever imagined, especially the sidewall DAADs. The Studio DAAD was a more subtle refinement, but well worth it. (The Studio DAAD is much better looking in person than in the photos of it.)

The vastly improved sense of back-to-front/3-dimensionality of the sound is immediately noticeable. Side-to-side image is easy to achieve with good equipment, but in my 25+ years of audio experience, I have never achieved what I achieved overnight with the installation of the DAADs.

In my experience, a person can spend multi $1,000s of dollars on a system and not make near the improvements possible with room treatments via the DAADs.

If someone out there can make another suggestion that can reap the improvements made by these treatments, I would love to know about it.

I did not purchase Tube Traps, though I investigated them, and they are much better marketed, but the DAADs seem to be a more refined version of the Tube Traps and are better looking/more refined in finish.
I have booming problem in 60-100 Hz range. May I try Daad 3 ( 28 cm width) instead of Daad 4 (38 cm witdth) which is too bug to fit in my wall corner...