Anyone Tried COS D2 DAC?

I'm expecting to take delivery of this on Friday. Here is Srajan's 6moons review:

and am wondering if anyone else out there has heard it. 
Assuming you did get above.....I am considering one, and would love to get your opinion on the D2......
Greatly appreciated.

Very sorry I neglected to respond earlier. The COS was way too clinically
resolving for my tastes-- it focused so much on the "trees" that it lost all sense of the "forest". In other words, it dissected the music into constituent parts to such a degree that there was little coherence. Personally, I found it very odd-- certainly not aesthetically pleasing, but no doubt, others would disagree. I ended up buying an Aqua La Voce, which I love. You can find reviews on John Darko's site. 
I own the D2v and my friend (a cable manufacturer) has the H1.  The D2v balances neutrality with a fully fleshed out tone, smooth highs and thunderous bass.   The new D10 adds streaming and phono capabilities as a full preamp.   The H1 is airier, quicker and has tighter bass, good for systems with mini-monitors to enlargen the sound.   Forest missing, ha!  I'm coming from an EAR Acute player from 2006.  The COS is a superior DAC and beautifully manufactured.