Anyone tried biamping with an Accuphase E-560?

Accuphase E-560 owners - have any of you tried adding a power amp and passively biamping?

If yes, do you have to add an amp with the same rated power (in which case, the second amp would have to be the A-35), or can it be done with say the A-46 or even P-6100?

Or would be better to just add a power amp and use the E-560 as a preamp?

Thanks in advance.
Any advice would be much appreciated. Anyone?
If buying an A-46 or a P-6100 is not a problem, then my advice is to trade in your E-560 for an Accuphase pre-amp (e.g. the recently discontinued C-2410)

I've recently moved from an E-550 integrated to a A-45 & C-2410 combo and it was a solid upgrade, i.e. blacker background, more details and a more stable and focused soundstage.
Probably better bass and frequency response too.
Hi Nvp and Dave_72, thanks for your input. Yes buying either amp is not an issue, but I'd like to keep the E-560 for the time being before swapping it for a dedicated preamp.

Im wondering if I do go the biamping route, would be ok to use either one of these power amps, as they have a higher rated output than the 560. Would you know?

If you are using two amps with different power ratings or gain for that matter, you will hear that difference. To avoid this, most people use an active crossover that has the ability to attenuate and balance out these differences in the power amps. Otherwise, you will hear an imbalance between, say the high/midrange and the woofer.
Thanks Edwyun.
Classact, I had a look at the Accuphase manuals (E-560, A-46 and also A-
100) and I do not think you will be able to use both the pre-amp and power
amp section of your E-560 at the same time in a bi-amp/bridged
configuration. The only way to use your E-560 in an bi-amp configuration is
to use it as a pre-amp (only!) together with two power amplifiers, e.g. A-46.
IMO that would be a silly set-up.

I assume, though, that you are not interested in buying two amps. You just do
not want to "waste" the power section of your E-560. Nonetheless,
here is why you should not buy two power amps (A-35s or A-46s):

There is not reason to use two dedicated amps with a non-dedicated
preamplfier. An E-560 used as a preamplifier performs below a C-2110
preamp (the Accuphase entry level preamp), and it is certainly less versatile.
Also, how much power do you need? Two A-46 in a brideged or bi-amp
configuration put out a lot of power (180/360/720 watts in 8/4/2 ohms for
each channel!), but it will cost more than an A-65 which will sound better.
(Unless you need a lot of power, sound-wise it is not worth while to use
Accuphase stereo power amps in a biamped/bridged configuration. Most
often it is better to buy the next superior model.)

As mentioned before, my opinion is that it is best to move to a C-2420 & A-
46/P-6100 combo.

Finally, regarding Edwyun's comment, all Accuphase power amps have a gain
selector (i.e. 0, -3, -6, -12 dB). This makes it easier to match the levels of
different amps.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Many thanks Paul. Yes, you're absolutely right and I am now exploring the dedicated pre-power route. Cheers!
Does Nvp's comments about the functionality of the pre out and amp in of the e-560 mean that one can not use them with a hi pass filter in line?
Wondering specifically about the vandersteen Quatros and their M5-HP