Anyone tried Acrolink power cables from Japan ?

If so,how would you rate them against some of the "majors"
such as Elrod,VD& EG. Very broad question,I know,but would
just like to get a htnt of their capability.
I've had them in my system.

While they are clean and exhibit low distortion, the sound is pale in uninvolving. Not much contrast in sound stage or between instruments and they lacked punch in the bass.

I have not heard the VD but both the Elrod and Electro Glide you mention were superior in my system.
Were those cables "stock", Albert? If so, I concur. However, fully-treated and conditioned units are a completely different animal, and offer far superior performance.

audio excellence az
Yes, they were stock cables.
I believe Branimir uses them. You may ask him directly.
Thanks folks. Just trying to get a handle on the PC's from
people who have used them in their systems. Very cost efective (in the 400 range)Thanks again for your input.
What model PC was it or do you remember the color of the cable.
Just curious.

Michael Wolff
Michael Wolf,
If I remember correctly, they were gray.
Albert......was it this cable? This is the only 'gray' cable that Acrolink makes.
The Acrolinks with the Oyaide connectors that Alan cryo's and then sells are fantastic for the price of around $400.00. Give him a call, 602.277.0799, or go to his website, You'll be glad you did.

Maybe, but thought I remembered it being all one color rather than textured like the one you linked to. The part I remember as most positive about the Acrolink was it's VERY flexible, soft nature.

The Elrod felt like it was housed in a "U" shaped channel and the Purist (which is my standard) is filled with Ferox, making it quite large diameter, stiff and heavy.

The Shunyata is large, stiff and heavy also. The FIM or Cable Research was so stiff, (I can't remember which now) would come unplugged from the amp if not bent into perfect position when installing. It was impossibly stiff and did not sound good (very dead, like power cable made from Romex).

Each sounded different and I must confess that Purist is my favorite with Elrod as second place on most of the pieces in my system. Of course I have NOT heard all the cables out there, I have to make a living in the photo business.

There must be about 300 power cables now if you count every version. Likely a full time job, 8 hours a day for months to test them all.

I've listened to power cables from Cable Research, Shunyata, Purist, Elrod, Acrolink, Cardas, Audioquest, Nordost, Synergistic, FIM and others. All sound different and often the deciding factor is WHAT it's plugged into.

My new custom tube crossover for the Dali Megalines sounded marvelous with the new Purist Aqueous Anniversary but I did not like these same power cables on my VTL 750's.

On the VTL, both Dominus Ferox and Auctorita (Purist for German market) smoked the new version. On the Walker turntable the Omega Mikro beat every cable I have tried in that position, including Purist's that cost several times as much.

I think we are at the infant stage of understanding power and power cables.
Great detailed information, Albert. It's always refreshing to read such descriptive commentary (especially the fitting and ergonomic qualities), and I'm heartened to see you (also) recognize the vagueries of power delivery, by stating...."All sound different and often the deciding factor is WHAT it's plugged into." Clearly, your experience has proved this out. If only the skeptics would gain such real-world experience before putting forth negative and/or disparaging commentary.

On another point....the Acrolink P4030's are made *only* with a deep, dark blue cable....none are 'gray', nor are any of the AC connectors (those being red, blue, and amber). The only AC connectors that would appear to be gray in any fashion would be the more expensive Acrolink carbon fiber-and-aluminum bodied units.

With all the cables you've auditioned, it's only natural for some of them to blend together on the color spectrum. Take a break for a while!
If memory serves there were Acrotec cables available 10-15 years ago. Are Acrolink cables as distributed by Lotus Group new and/or different than those earlier cables? I recall the copper purity figures being the same. I'd be interested in a brief history.
Acrotec (now Acrolink) used to be imported by Arturo Manzano of Axiss Distribution. I don't know if the identical models are being made or sold today, but the emphasis on the highest-purity and build quality is still there. True 7-nines purity is achieved in the top-tier Mexcel series, and their connectors are a work of art.
I had the Acrolink with Oyaide Direct Gold connectors in my system for a few days courtesy of Alan Kafton and found it to be very good indeed.
In comparison with a VH Audio AirSine (also with Oyaide Gold connectors) it has a lower noise floor (blacker background) and more clarity. The AirSine has fuller harmonics and an extended decay that creates a more three dimensional presentation with a greater soundstage.
Both are excellent cords and superb values IMO and I'm ordering at least one of the Acrolinks as they partner well with the AirSines IMS.
I have both the cryo'd and non crod versions of the Acrolink. I find both cords are good, different perhaps but both good. I also use 2 Tunami's in the system and find that these cords are very component dependant. If I switch an Acrolink with a Tunami I lose the magic but placed as I have them they work well. I have tried all combinations but the best combination is obvious with the Tunami on my source and the Acrolink on my integrated. I really like these cords. The Acrolink are more user friendly being flexable and the Tunamis are stiff but sound good as well.These cords are quite different from each other. I find one bold and detailed while the other is more mellow and smooth yet detailed. They both have their place in my system and mix well.
Do you mean Acrolink is "bold and detailed" while Tunami is "mellow smooth yet detailed"?

In my system, I would characterize the Acrolink as "mellow and smooth". I'm using 2 Acrolink PCs with Oyaide terminations, one on my DAC and one on the transport. Both purchased from Audio Excellence AZ where they get a little extra attention.
Eddie777. I mean the exact opposite. The Tunasmi's are bold and detailed while the Acrolinks, an excellent cord as well, are more mellow and smooth. Both cables mix and match well.
My experience mirrors that of Mitchb. I bought both the Tunami and Acrolink from Audio Excellence and preferred the Tunami. Alan is great to work with and he provides a 30 day trial period so there is not much risk in evaluating each cable.
I do not claim to prefer one cord over the other. They just do different things in different applications.
Mitchb, I should have qualified that better. I came to the same conclusions you did regarding the sonic characteristics of the cables, which in my case resulted in a preference for one over the other.
After fooling around a lot mixing Oyaide plugs , can give you the characeteristic sound of the ones I know:

004 : Clean , ultrafast, a lot of data on HF , bass very controlled.
Using on both extremes : A bit harsh on bright systems.

079. Sweet . Great body. Great bass. Human voices are outstanding.
Using on both extremes: On dark systems and or tube based ones bass will be boomy and maybe a bit dark.

046: Is just on the middle of 004 and 079 , is more like the 004 tone.
Is neutral , fast, delicate, a bit more lust than the 004 (I like it).
Using on both extremes : No problems but is not as involving and inviting as combined plugs.

Using the 004 male and 079 iec , will get nice voices , a clean fast bass but with enough slam to be happy with it. Palpable instruments and dark backstage.
It is one of the best combinations out there .

The only time I disliked it was on a CD player that was extremely harsh , so I used the 046 as male.

Now to get the best on the Acrolinks I use
the same Oyaide plugs plus Furutech F-50's .

My best results are :

F-50 plug + Oyaide 079 IEC . Involving, inviting, seducting , SURPRISINGLY CLEAN ( considering the 079) .

F-50 IEC and 079 plug: Not as involving but acoustic instruments and voices never were so real.

F-50´s on both sides : Simply outstanding but don´t use that combo on all combinations of cords. System may go too polite IMHO.
Are you using the Acrolink 6N-P4030 power cable in your experiments? I'm using this with 004 terminations on my power amp, works great. Considered it for my DAC and transport but it's unshielded. Have you had any problems with this?

I dont know what happens on unshielded scenery.
What I most avoid is duplicate 004 on both extremes because it always sound on the harsh side. I think using SET friendly horn speakers increases that result.
After a long time trying and testing my best answer is that you have to try the combinations .This is not an accurate science so results may change depending on systems
Rja ,

Missed to say that I use the Acrolink 6n-p4030 + Oyaide connectors for all purposes without a single problem.