Anyone tried a Mark Levinson 585 integrated amp with Focal Sopra No. 1s or Sopra No. 2s

I have a Mark Levinson 585 coming next week and wondered if anyone has heard it with the Focal Sopras.    I couldn’t try the 585 prior to purchase so looking for opinions.  I’m hoping it will be a little warmer than my Esoteric I-03.
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I am looking forward in reading about the ML No. 585 in your system.

This integrated is on my radar as well. What other gear including cabling is in your system?

Happy Listening!

I thought you said you could not imagine parting with the esoteric? What changed??
I think if you wanted warmer the McIntosh ma8900 might have been to your liking.
Both that, the ml585 and the plinius hiato were on my radar, oh and boulder 865.

Enjoying the Lyngdorf right now though
@uberwaltz - I made an offer on the Esoteric and had also made an offer on the 585 the previous day, which I was sure would be declined. It wasn’t so now I have to make a decision regarding which one to keep. Can’t afford to keep both!

Also, I have had a couple of McIntosh pieces in the past and wasn’t a big fan.  I do like the Esoteric a lot, but it will be good to compare it to the ML 585.

The 585 is scheduled to arrive on Monday.
The new to me Mark Levinson 585 Integrated Amplifier arrived today triple boxed and in great condition. On first listen it sounds wonderful! To be honest when I first started listening it sounded similar to the Esoteric I-03, which is a Class D design.  A very good Class D design. The Esoteric was $12,000 when it was released and had some great reviews!  It is certainly no slouch and competes with the ML 585 sound wise, just not on features. Esoteric keeps their products simple and focuses on designing the best product for the money.  You want to hear Class D done right listen to an I-03. You wouldn’t know it was Class D unless someone told you.

More listening time with the ML 585 is needed, but from what I’m hearing the ML 585 is proving to be a spectacular piece of audio gear.  I just finished listening to Peter Gabriel’s New Blood and Hiromi Uehara’s Spark DSDs and on the ML 585 the dynamics and presentation blew me away. Very pleased with this purchase!

I like to say I’m an audio enthusiast, not an audiophile. I’m learning how to listen critically, but don’t obsess over what I think I may or may not be hearing. I don’t care what “audiophiles” think about my system. I’m pleased with it and that is what matters.

My main system consists of:
Mark Levinson 585 Integrated Amp
PS Audio Directstream DAC
PSAudio Directstream Memory Player
Auralic Altair Streamer
Oppo BDP-103 Blue Ray Player (rarely used)
PS Audio P3 Power Regenerator
Focal Sopra No. 1 Speakers
Definitive Technology 15” Subwoofer
Audioqust CV-8 Speaker Cables
Morrow XLR Interconnects
PS Audio Statement Power Cords

The ML 585 has lots of features, which I like and will use like a high pass filter for the subwoofer, three selectable power standby options, variable or fixed preamp out, HT bypass, three different volume ramping settings, 12V connections for power, rear infrared input, and many other options. Also, it is mostly black, which matches my other components.

The 585 is a beast; it is tall, deep (19 3/8”), wide, and HEAVY at seventy two pounds. It is a beautifuly engineered, great looking, a superbly well thought out design, and American made.

At the end of the day I wish I could keep the Esoteric and put it in my home office, but I can’t afford to keep it and the ML 585. The ML 585 is a wonderful piece of audio equipment I hope to enjoy for a long time!

If there is a weakness in my system I would say it is my 18 year old subwoofer.

Thanks! for the update - sfseay
good to read that the No. 585 arrived to you safely. I look forward in reading more about the sound/presentation of this integrated, Staying tuned.

Happy Listening!
sfseay, you have an excellent system and the ML-585 is probably as good as it gets when it comes to integrated amps. Certainly my holy grail piece if/when I decide to consolidate. Congratulations and enjoy.
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Im using Levinson with the Focal Sopra 3s. First I had the 532H and now the 534. 
They are a great match. My system also includes the PS audio direct Stream dac. Have you compared the dac in the 585 to the PS Audio?
@mmcelyea - I plan to compare them in the next few days.  I can easily start the same song streaming at the same time through the PS Audio DAC and the ML 585 DAC and see what I hear.   
I have heard the 585 and I could have told you it was an honest integrated and it won’t warm things up for you.  

The dac section is a weak component I believe, it did not even come close to the esoteric k03x we had that night much less the emm labs dac2x.

i have had the PS Audio Directstream dac and transport in my house and sold it, I have compared it to the Emm Labs dac2x and it was not embarrassed though still distanced enough away that I had no problem selling it.

The dac in the 585 will in no way compare to the direct stream.
@Joey_V - not really a fair comparison of the ML 585 DAC to the Emm Labs DAC2X at $15,000.00 MSRP or the Esoteric K03X at an MSRP of $12,000.  
@kalali  Can you expand on what you mean? I'm considering integrated amps and your thoughts might be helpful. Specifically, the 'as good as it gets' part. Thanks.

the ML-585 is probably as good as it gets when it comes to integrated amps.

I am also considering replacing my Audio Research separates with a ML 585.5. The new model with the phono board.
Also considering an Accuphase E470 as it has both a DAC and phono optional boards as well. 
Not sure which way to go yet. 
I just wish I could audition both of them in my room with my Verity Audio Parsifal Encore.

Looking forward in reading more about your purchase- smoffatt

Happy Listening!

Stereophile now classifies ml585 as class "B" component. After some research on forums, apparently the sound is "dark" and "hard", but I didn't hear it in person