Anyone tried a different tube in Peachtree Nova?

I recently purchased a Peachtree audio Nova integrated tube amp. I have heard, and do attest, that there is very little if any difference in bypassing the tube or using the tube in this unit. It came stocked with a 6922EH tube that is a ~$15 tube. If I cannot tell a difference in using the EH tube, will chaning tubes make a difference? Anyone out there experimented with different tubes in the Nova?
Hooper - how is it that you can bypass the tube? I own a Decco and have used it both as an integrated and as a preamp with an external amp but in both cases the tubed preamp section is being used.
There is a button on the remote that will turn the bypass on and off. When the tube is being bypassed, a blue light will come on behind the tube. It is mentioned in the manual. I don't think it was possible on the Decco.
Ah, thanks. You're right, that's not possible on the Decco.
I have tried both a Tungsram and a Telefunken in the Decco and can't say there is a huge difference. The Telefunken is in there now. It's pretty inexpensive to pick up NOS single 6922's or 7308's and give it a try.

The only other tweak I've done to the Decco is to apply a few coats of dark red fingernail polish to the LED under the preamp tube so that it glows orange rather than garish yellow.
Hopper Ke;

I have the Nova as well and have been using it for about a month and I agree with you that I have not really been able to ascertain a difference between the tube and the solid state outputs on the pre-amp. I was hoping that the tube would give a slight warmth particularly in the mids, but I have not felt that it has achieved the degree of warmth I was expecting.

My understanding is that there is a mod in the works for a tube swap, but I am unsure of which tube is being considered and if it is in conjunction with any other cap replacement.

I am only using the unit as a preamp, a dac, and on rare occasions as a headphone amp. I am pleased with the dac performance particularly from red-book cds, but not quit as impressed with its performance on the files from the computer or the IPod. Let me know if you find out a good alternative to the existing 6922.


Would it be possible to change the 6922 for the 6n1p (which is the one in the iNova). The only difference is that the 6N1p has a higher heater current
This is who I trust with tube information.