Anyone Tri-amped a Definitive Technology CLR3000?

And if you have, how did you end up hooking up all the wiring with the speaker cables, and how did you hook up your pre-out to your amp (did you use a crossover?)? If you could tell me your brand names too, that would be great...

1). Consult owner's manual for triamping: this should answer some of your questions as it relates to hook-up. If you don't have an owner's manual a)check manuf. website for it online b)request one from manuf. c) request copy from someone on www

2). All amps must have equal gain at the input for any multi amping endeavors. This is most easily achieved by A) buying 2 three channel amps or 3 two channel amps all of the same make and model. If you used 3 stereo amps from different manuf. you will be faced with more complexity in trying to achieve good results.
My question would be, "why would you want to do this?!" It's going to be so tricky and difficult, that it doesn't make sense! First of all, the CLR3000 has it's own amp handling the demanding bass information. So that's finished with. The midrange and tweeter units are going to be much easier to drive, and you should consider just driving those with a good strong amp! The sound will be very dynamic!
If you absolutely feel the need to do something extra, then just "biamp" at the very most, IMO.
Another note, I would strongly consider running that CLR3000 as "small"!..even withe powered sub built in! Why?..because that speaker will sound less distorted, more dynamic and controled, as well as more powerful if you let a bigger sub handle the low bass if you can!
Now if your room is small, and you only have small bass drivers elsewhere in your system, and you only listen to lower volume levels with your system, you should be OK running the speakers as "large". Still, best results will be had by limiting the bass to that speaker, making it sound much more effortless, with less distortion from the 10" bass driver!(minimal size for full range bass driver for HT/DD/DTS!). Good luck