Anyone tighten the bolts surrounding the drivers?

I did this, and wow the sound became more focused in a good way! Every 6 months also, whathifi magazine recommends it - but don't over do it and damage your speakers.

I am a happy camper now with my 4411 Jbl - it used to sound not clean, but now they just sing their head off in a pretty voice...
I do that every couple of years.
I check mine at least once per year.
And you do this with a torque-meter, or just using your hands and best estimation of torque being applied? (Which would be my approach)
I did it when my speakers were twelve years old. I had to stuff stripped threads with match sticks to re-tighten some screws. Expected to, but I did not hear a difference. I probably should have. My grills are easily damaged going off-and-on, so not looking forward to doing it again.
Thank you Unsound - but it really was an unsound advice - haha - just kidding.

I enjoyed and learned from the thread you gave me.

Dr. Audio aka Rick Schultz of V.D. used to have tweaks on that website and youtube about this very subject. Replacing existing parts with brass hardware and using a torque driver which they just so happened to sell.Retorqueing with a calibrated driver is really the best way to go.Dont'over do it or you will strip the hole out for the fastener.Also they must be tightened in order across from each other.(12-6, 1-7,2-8,etc.)