Anyone think direct tv music channels sound good?

What do people think about the sound quality of direct tv's music only channels? Most channels really sound good most of the time. Other people have noticed the difference between cd play and these music channels. Just wondering what other people think.
If you run the toslink out to a Monarchy Audio DIP/Upsampler and then to a D/AC, they actually sound real close to CD.
straight from my cheap Phillips Direct TV receiver it sounds pretty bad, all the ormal digital stuff, grainy and constricted and thin...

My tuner, CD player and turntable all easily beat it.
Its okay, but i get alot of cut-out, skips,
every now and then.
DirectTV ....listen to jazz station all the time....sounds a bit better using the coax output from the directv receiver to the audio note dac but sounds fine via analogue outputs direct to preamp...which allows me to use directv remote control as my preamp has no remote
8 years ago I had Theta replace the toslinc with a coax-out on my Sony stb.. Going into my Enkaianthus dac the sound is pretty dam good. So I know the quality is there. Hooking it up to a quality 2ch dac brings out just how good it can sound.
From what I've read, it looks like they do compress the signal. Yes, an apple ipod can sound very good but, can it really compete with true 24/96? I almost never use my satellite radio through my system.
Thanks people. I have the hughes hd box connected to an arcam av8 processor via a quality optical cable. Sounds very good, especially jazz which I am not used to listening to. Oh, the piega c8ltd probably doesn't hurt. Thanks again. Twc
FWIW I think the jazz channel is better than Dish network or what I have heard on Sirius, as it seems you have heard for yourself...