Anyone there owns Chiro C-802 Help me please

I just bought Chiro C-802 processor and having problem runing DTS & Dolby Digital modes.
If I press on the rmote THX button, it won't do anything?
I can not pass by Pro Logic or Stereo moodes.
Anytime I watch DVD it will show only Pro Logic mode.
I tried to re boot the pre amp and fallowed the manual instructions but then it won't change to original settings.
Not sure , if I am doing somthing wrong or unit is bed,
Seller is saying thet unit is working fine, but not in my house.
I just sold C-800 becouse I wanted to get DD & DTS not only Pro Logic and now I am stock in same spot but $450 out of my packet.
Please if anyone owns C-802 Pre amp might have some tips for me.
Than you for your time.
Have you taken the time to read the manual?
What I don't understand is that manula says:
Dolby Digital ( AC3 ) , DTS Nad PCM data are automatically decoded. But again , when I watch movie the screan on my Processor shows Pro Logic mode?
There isn't any information in the manula on THX button ( remote control )
That way I need to find somone with smae unit.
Are you thr owner of same pre amp?
You should have section to select digital, analog, or auto...Auto would select whatever format is being processed.

Aside from that I would check your dvd player to make sure you are not set to PCM...If so your pre would always detect analog signal and therefor default to Pro Logic...