Anyone tested the Synergistic Research Vibratron ?

There is an acoustic room treatment system called Audio Art by Synergistic Reasearch (German company?) that consists of a 'vibratron', a 'Bass Station' and 'Satellite' devices for "as little as" $3,000. Has anyone tried this system and can share his/her observations?
No, but I'm considering a go with the Ripoffatron.
I have installed the Synergistic Research Acoustic Art Room Treatment System in my house. After adjusting the location of the system's resonating devices, my sound has never sounded better. I think this is a well thought out product that allows for tuning anyones room to their sound system. Peter at Synergistic Research (a California,USA company) was very helpful and patient in helping me find the best location for the devices.
Last night was symphony night and I was fortunate to hear Zuill Bailey playing his 1693 Matteo Gofriller cello from the third row. Coming home I put on his CD (Telarc 32664-02) Brahms Works for Cello and Piano. It was like having Mr. Bailey playing live in my house. The SR System has made a big difference in harmonics, quality of note decay and imaging. I have also found it to be a great improvement in jazz reccordings. The system took me several hours to find the optimal placement location. The system is well worth the money and time to install.
Thanks for taking the time to address this question.
I wonder what the basis of Chadeffect's and Audiofeil's comments is. Have you actually tested the devices and found no or a negative effect?
Davidprichard, has anyone else corraborated the described effects on your room acoustics in a 'blind' fashion? It should be pretty simple to have a friend or family member listen to music with and without the devices in place. What would be the effect of similar glasses placed in the positions you describe as critical for the Art system.
I can't wait to hear your answers to these questions.
Hello Roger,
Please read my post again.

My response to the question was "no"; I have not tried the product.

Hope that helps.
Yes it is easy and obvious to try a room with and without. The SR resonators are simply removed from their stands and the sound changes. I have done this with family members who do not know what the function of the resonators is. They have also been demonstrated in a before and after fashion at numerous audio shows. The change is not small.
These resonators are tuned to various frequences to change harmonics and the decay of notes. The metal used, how it is made, size of resonators, the platforms they stand on will all effect the sound. A few glasses filled with water is not going to be of much help I am afraid. Stereo Times has a new write up of four different resonating systems.
I am very pleased with putting the Synergistic Research system in my listening room. It's presence makes a major improvement in my listening pleasure. It takes some time to adjust, but this is one of it's strengths. Each room and audio system is different. By using multiple resonators with different properties, each listenening environment can be optimized.
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