Anyone tested the Audes Orpheus?

just wondering what you people out there think of this gorgeous speaker. i think its very warm and detailed, almost designed for female vocals. it doesnt sound right playing rock or techno or rap or anything like that.. sounds like the bass cant follow. any thaughts? can it really be driven by 7 watt tubeamps?..
I have a pair of the Audes Grand Blues. I have not heard the Orpheus. The Grands are underpriced for the proformance compared to many higher priced speakers. The Grandes have almost the same parts list as the Orpheus, and are easy to drive being a 4ohm rating. You have to set them up just right in your room to get the right bass response, which isn't overpowering to start with. The mid and highs section is their strong points. Great at imageing and soundstage depth. Craftsmanship is about the best I have seen. My room is somewhat big, and I use tube gear, so the bass maybe better in your room.
i have a pair of orpheus is one the best speakers i ever had, they are incredible for jazz and classical, if you want to play rock and techno you are going to need more than seven watts, iam using a pair of conrad johnson premier 12s at 140 watts each in a 16 x 18 room and they rock, you get the best bass when they are facing straight forward,
I agree with Brouch, in that the Grand Blues are
underpriced for what you get. They sound great with
my ASL 50 W/PC tube amp. And they are super dynamic,
and perform a great disappearing act. I am still tweaking
to get the best bass response in my 20x20x12 room. It
is super tight & deep. I am probably inches away from
perfection. Another thing with these speakers is that they are
super coherent. They just play great music, and are
killer for HT.

And they are beautiful!

Never heard the Orpheus, but think they have to sound much
better than what you are hearing. It sounds like a room
and/or synergy problem!? Try moving the speakers 1/4" at
a time and listen for subtle changes. What size room
do you have?
I have also played all kinds of music through the Grands. Never disappointed, always surprised at the sound. I listened to many speakers,before buying, some alot more money, for less performance. Not to mention the craftsmanship. Very open and detailed, and yes they do disappear in your room. The sound that is produced does not sound as if it is coming from a box speaker. You can spend more and get less in this hobby. The Audes is a nice suprise to the fact.
hello again!
thank you for answering. i do not own these speakers,- i have only listened to them at a shop. i think i might go for these. i just love the mids. the room in the shop was about 15x24, and the speakers had the woofers pointing inwards. they were driven by Electrocompaniet aw180, which are known for the sloppy bass i suppose. we tried to move them around abit, but phew... 65 kilos per speaker! i didnt get to talk to anyone at the shop, so ill ask u guys. do u know what kind of finishes one can get these in? i would like piano laquer i think.. think i saw a pair once in that finish. i dont like the "original" cherry wood finish. they look alittle like Revels speakers. nice! i see they use 7 watts tube amps made by Audes in every convention. dont know if thats the best or if theyre just trying to show they can be driven by small amps.. i would also believe your CJ amps would be better for rock or so. wonder why the Orpheus are less expencive in the US. my country is closer to the factory, usually cheaper then. theyre about 9/10000$ here.
Check audes website for color choices, specs, dealers, ect.
it doesnt say what finishes are available. just that there are many