anyone test drive the Qol yet?

Just curious. 30 day return for all money back! I've got a bit too much out this year to try it now but I trust I will at some point.
There is two long threads under Amps and Tech Talk
Oh yeah!!! The 30-day money back guarantee is for real! I have a QOL. I struggled to come to terms with QOL and wanted to send it back. I contacted BSG about a Return Authorization. They responded with an apology that QOL was not what I would have hoped it might be and had no hesitation about giving me return authorization.

That having been said, some three weeks into the trial and some 300 hours of use later, I still haven't returned it. ??? Suffice to say that I've come to like what it does enough to want to compensate for its shortcomings.
I have had mine for quite some time now and still enjoy it.