Anyone talked to Dean from PSE?

Has anyone got a hold of Dean from PSE? I sent a set of Studio MK V amps in for repair over a year ago. I spoke to him quite a few times and he always told me he was just getting to them. Now over the last two months I have not been able to get a hold of him. His phone number was disconnected and sent to a new number. I get his answering machine every time I call. I leave messages every time but he has not got back to me. Did he go out of business?
My name is Dean as well. My answering machine at home keeps flashing "59", then alternates to "F". I haven't checked my messages in over a week. I guess it's full. I think it definitely has something to do with the name.
The Audiogon listed address for PSE is below:
Professional Systems Engineering, Inc.
Incorporated since 1973
9755 Hamilton Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3424
TEL (612) 943-1677 FAX (612) 943-8730

The Audio Connection did carry PSE as one of the brands they carry but they no longer list it. I suggest you call them at 973-239-1799 and ask for info on PSE. Their web site is

PSE is not a listed mfg. in so their availability may be limited (or not available). I checked Google and found nothing useful on PSE.

I hope this helps. cheers.....
763-295-1710 is the phone #I got when I called today.I live in Mpls.Mn and saw this thread and hope this helps someone here.Thats all I know,Bob
That is the phone number I have been calling. Still no reply. I will try Audio Connection tomorrow.
OK,mail me here for contact,Bob
Has anyone noticed how common threads like this have been in the last few months? What the heck is going on with these manufacturers/importers/etc? Yeesh!
Anyone heard from Meadowlark? I expect to hear of more high end guys going under over the next few months - this economy is getting brutal.
One theory is that alot of the good designers,like doctors,are usually not good businessmen.There unique talents are in the creative realm.And they could do alright until the competition from around the world[read cheap labor]took away a portion of their clients.Free enterprise no doubt,though sad in a way,kind of like Walmart coming to town....via condios,Bob
Well now I'm really worried. I sent my Studio V's in for repair/modification in Nov. 04. I talked to him a couple of times after that, but he doesn't answer anymore and has never returned calls. Same story he's waiting for parts, been busy etc. Do you think a letter from an attorney would help? I have a friend in the area who might know one.

I don't know if a letter would help or not. If he is not answering phone messages, what else can we do? His phone number is now going to his home, so I guess he has closed the business. It would be nice if these companies would at least let their customers know what is going on!
I live in the Minneapolis, MN area and am a friend of Dean Klinefelter's. PSE has always been a labor of love for Dean rather than a profitable, "full-time" business. Even when he was manufacturing product, it was low key and in smaller quantities at best. And, like most small businesses, he always had to operate on a "shoe string budget". Though his designs were outstanding, he never got the notoriety that he deserved. If you think I am wrong, just ask Richard Vandersteen of Vandersteen Audio. Dean happens to be a friend of his...and one of his very favorite designers.
Another friend and myself are trying to convince Dean to reintroduce some of his designs [in quantity] back into the "audio business" because they are some of the very best available. And, yes, because of his dispostion, he is not the very best business man. He will many times fix an amplifier or preamplifier that is out of warranty gratis (much to the chagrin of his wife, Genny). He absolutely has a heart of gold (but not necessarily a head for business)!
He still operates PSE on a limited basis out of his home and supports his products diligently. I am surprised that he has not responded to your phone messages, but, like most brilliant people, he is easily distracted by new and hot projects. If he told you that he is waiting for parts...he is. He and his lovely wife are currently building their dream home in a dream setting on a lake in rural Minnesota. This project actually takes up much of Dean's time, since they decided to build the home themselves.
If you do not hear back from Dean soon, let me know and I will contact him personally. I really regret to see his business and integrity questioned when I know the heart of the man personally.
Great News! I got a hold of Dean today and he said the amp is on its way back to me. I guess he has been busy. I am happy to hear everything is OK with him.
Thanks for the reassurance. The Studio V's really are that good and I was really lost as to how to replace them for anywhere near the price.
I received my Studio V amps back yesterday. They are working fine. I still think 14 months is a little long for repair.
I agree. I'm on month 7. I guess I'll just have to be a squeaky wheel and call a lot.
Bad news. It's been close to a year and depite repeated attemps (including off-forum e-mails to jallison) I have nothing: no phone call, no e-mail, no amps. I've even left a message asking Dean if he would like to just pay me for the things and keep them. All this because of a faulty switch which could have been fixed locally. Dean said he could do an upgrade at the same time, so I sent both amps. If he had told me it would take a year or so I would have politely said thanks but no.
I hope this can spare another PSE owner the frustration and dissapiontment that I have endured. My only recourse at this point is the legal system, which I just hate to even think about, but else can a person do?
spoke to dean today (9/30/05).

in speaking with him (wont go into to much detail), this has been a trying year with trying circumstances(family, new house, and real life situations that can suck the life out of a ya ) and unfortunatly this have happened...

the good news is he is still around and good health and family intact ( remember john (forgot the last name) from eagle who disappeared in the 80's/90's??? without a trace)... in speaking with him he is getting pse projects done (slowly but surely) and is embarsassed about what happened..

he will get caught up ( and i apologize on his behalf)... the real question is how long and will some of designs make it market under different situation/mfg. ( unique phono stage and a couple others). i hope dean deceides to start up again... he makes great gear at a more than reasonable price and his new stuff is really, really unique..

when you do contact him by phone.. would suggest keeping your cool and not losing it ( chances are your turn around might be quicker...

hope that helps.
I think an important thing in business or any relationship is communication (as outlined in Audiogon's policies for eg.) A quick call or E-mail to say 'I haven't left the country', or 'don't worry you will see your amps again someday' would help a lot. I have been very polite in my calls.
I've been in the situation of being behind in my work, or not being there when a customer wanted me there and you have no idea how angry and vengefull and spitefull the reactions have been.
Music has been one of the few enjoyments I have, but I just can't seem to listen to my lopsided system much these days. So I will remain calm, keep checking with my neighbour to see if he wants his amp back, and wait.
Good news! I finally received my Studio V amps. Dean did the upgrade and repairs at no charge, but it took 21 months and a lot of polite harrassment on my part. The amps sound better than ever, and I am grateful to have them back. If you ever need repairs on PSE equipment, try a local shop first - which is what I did but the guy said he wouldn't work on them - too many unknowns &/or too difficult.
May I suggest to dump this POS amp and buy something else - before it breaks down again and you'd have to wait another 21 months?
It's not right for any vendor of anything to provide the service that apparently this man has been doing. There is no excuse, ever, for bad service. If you cann't support your products, do not go into business in the first place. There are way too many "shoestring" companies that have come and gone, leaving the consumer with equipment that no one wants because of its abandoned status. The best designed, best sounding equipment in the world is worth nothing if it doesn't work and no one can make it work.
Jw94055, you would rather quality products not appear with the builder trying to make a go of it since many try but fail? Very curious sentiments.

I had PSE amps long ago. I talked on occasion with Dean but more importantly I found the amps quite good and dependable. I never had any problems. I think it unlikely that even the very best products don't have parts failure after 10 or 15 years.
I would rather not have quality products than go through what Geo did. P E R I O D.
You will soon enough.
If there is anyone still reading this thread, a point to make on Dean's product is that he uses common parts where possible so repair is possible down he road, unlike some who design with rare parts ensuring a boat anchor in the future. My PSE Studio IV has the IEC upgrade, internal AQ midnight cable, and Cardas Rhodium posts. The sound is unbeatable for the price. I also hope he rethinks starting his business again. The hi-end can always use quality products. Service may be another matter. I recently had a friend measure the Studio SL preamp on his bench and we were both shocked to see that it was ruler flat from 5hz to 100khz...within 0.5db, and the distortion was 0.004%! These were real numbers, not printed numbers which don't have to be accurate. Finding a preamp with 0.00 numbers is not very common. Many have distortion of 0.1% and this is not even at rated power, causing smeared images, muted dynamics etc. Making 100khz is important because in order to reproduce perfect square waves at 20khz, you need the preamp to be flat at 100khz. Good job Dean. Stay around....
Yes it probably was one of the most frustrating experiences I've gone through.

But the amps sound even better as they burn in. Dean said he did not use some 'super parts' which were not as important to the sound as the upgrade and which could be easily changed later, meaning by someone else locally. He just wanted to get them back asap after I had gotten his attention. I did offer to pay - he had quoted a figure of over $100 (each?) - but he said he would cover the expense.

For the record I am not a tweaky guy, I just want to listen to good music. System, short version: LP12, Grado, Magnum Dyna, Meridian 508, ARC, A.Physic, XLO These amps are much better than the B&K 200w (model ?) my neighbour graciously lent me; and are as nearly/or as good but different than the Pass aleph 30 also from my neighbour (thanks again Bob!) They definately run cooler than the Pass which can double as a space heater in winter.

So, in the end, I think Dean is a good guy. He's not the best communicator or empathizer and most of his considerable grey matter is in the engineering dept. In my case, procrastination stems from perfectionism and maybe that's part of it. Or maybe not.

Thanks to the Audiogon community for your support and comments.

I spoke to Dean K from PSE today...April 3rd 2007. The thread posted by Jellison on 5-2-2005 is still very accurate...please read it.
Dean is currently semi-retired from the audio business, but he might re-introduce his PSE products at a later date.
Just to reiterate, my experience with Dean has always been very professional and he is one of the "best people" in the audio business.
Most of your better high end shops should be able to service PSE gear. I would recommend going through your local repair shop first, before trying to contact Dean.
I'd like to talk to him as well. I have a broken Studio II.
I spoke with Dean a few months ago..He is alive and well.
While I fully sympathize with those whose repair took too long, my only experience with Dean and PSE was terrific. I have had a pair of his Studio V mono blocks since the early 90's. When the finish on the heat sinks began to discolor, I sent them to him. He not only replaced them (have never discolored since) but also upgraded the amps to the current status for no charge.
For anyone in the West needing service on PSE gear, Gary Garfield of Musical Fidelity (not the manufacturer) in Culver City, CA works on them. My Studio Vs
are going up to him next week for new caps.
Do you have any current contact info for Dean? I have a similar situation with a couple sets of PSE gear, which I love, which need some work. None of the old contacts for phone numbers for PSE from the net are working and the old e-mail I had for Dean went through but no response yet. Also Is Gary Garfield still at Musical Fidelity? The phone rings but no answer. Let me know direct at if you can. Thanks
I had been out ill...